Radical - Wireless connectivity from the stratosphere

Revolutionizing Connectivity: Radical's Stratospheric Aircraft

In an era where reliable internet access has become a fundamental need, Radical, a Seattle-based startup founded in 2022, is poised to transform the way the world connects. With a visionary team of two driven individuals, Radical aims to make mobile broadband accessible from anywhere by leveraging high-altitude solar-powered aircraft. This article delves into the innovative solutions offered by Radical, exploring their mission, technology, and the potential impact it could have on global connectivity.

Founders with a Vision: Pioneering Change in Connectivity

What motivates a startup to challenge the norms and pursue transformative innovation? Enter James Thomas and Cyriel Notteboom, the visionary co-founders behind Radical. Driven by a shared vision of making internet access affordable on a global scale, James and Cyriel bring a wealth of experience from their aerospace backgrounds, solidifying their capabilities to embark on this audacious venture.

Meet James Thomas - A Trailblazer in Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design:
At the helm of Radical, James Thomas assumes the role of Co-Founder and CEO. Prior to co-founding Radical, he honed his expertise during a remarkable six-year tenure at Amazon Prime Air. There, he focused on aerodynamics and aircraft design for delivery drones, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of developing cutting-edge aviation technologies. James' dedication to revolutionizing connectivity is evident in his unwavering commitment to making internet access affordable worldwide.

Cyriel Notteboom - The Driving Force in Mechanical Design and Optimization:
Playing a pivotal role as the founder of Radical, Cyriel Notteboom's profound understanding of mechanical design and optimization fuels the company's pursuit of groundbreaking solutions. With an illustrious career that also includes an extensive tenure at Amazon Prime Air, Cyriel has acquired a deep knowledge of advanced engineering principles. This knowledge has proven instrumental in the development of Radical's high-altitude solar aircraft, propelling them toward their mission of redefining connectivity.

Uniting Expertise and Ambition:
The complementary skill sets of James and Cyriel form a formidable partnership, ensuring Radical's ability to tackle the challenges of creating affordable and accessible internet access worldwide. Their collective experience in the aerospace industry empowers them to navigate the complex intricacies of developing cutting-edge technologies. Their unwavering commitment and pioneering spirit have positioned Radical at the forefront of the connectivity revolution.

By harnessing their deep knowledge of aerodynamics, aircraft design, mechanical engineering, and optimization, James and Cyriel possess the necessary tools to drive Radical's innovative solutions forward. Their shared vision and unwavering dedication have laid a solid foundation for the transformational impact that Radical aims to make in the realm of global connectivity.

As Radical's journey unfolds, the world eagerly anticipates the realization of their ambitious goals. James Thomas and Cyriel Notteboom, driven by their passion and expertise, continue to pave the way for a future where internet access is a fundamental right accessible to all, regardless of location or socioeconomic status. Through their leadership, Radical is poised to reshape the connectivity landscape and empower underserved communities, opening up boundless opportunities for social and economic growth.

Bridging the Connectivity Gap

The Problem: Universal Connectivity
With over 3 billion people lacking access to reliable broadband internet, bridging the connectivity gap has become a pressing issue. Existing technologies face limitations, making it challenging to connect underserved communities. Terrestrial networks are costly to establish in sparsely populated areas, while hilly terrain can impair signal quality. Satellite networks, although providing coverage, require expensive rocket launches and dish transceivers, rendering them non-mobile. High altitude balloons are also hindered by their inability to maintain position in strong winds.

The Solution: Radical's Stratospheric Aircraft
Radical's solution lies in the development of high-altitude solar aircraft, essentially serving as the ideal cell tower. By positioning these aircraft in the lower stratosphere, they maintain line-of-sight coverage over a large service area while avoiding terrain obstructions. Unlike low earth orbit satellites, high altitude aircraft offer reduced latency and eliminate the need for dish transceivers, delivering a seamless user experience. Moreover, their ability to withstand strong winds ensures stability and consistent coverage, even in challenging environments. This breakthrough technology enables Radical to establish connectivity in previously underserved regions.

Unveiling the Innovative Technology: Empowering Connectivity from the Stratosphere

How It Works: Harnessing the Power of the Sun
At the heart of Radical's game-changing technology lies the ability to harness solar energy and unlock unprecedented possibilities for connectivity. The high-altitude solar aircraft developed by Radical operates on a simple yet ingenious principle. During daylight hours, the aircraft utilizes advanced solar panels to capture and convert solar energy into a continuous power source, enabling it to operate year-round. By leveraging the virtually unlimited power of the sun, Radical's aircraft remains unaffected by weather conditions or aviation traffic, providing uninterrupted connectivity to even the most remote areas of the globe.

Design Ingenuity: Where Efficiency Meets Elegance
In its quest to redefine connectivity, Radical has achieved a remarkable balance between efficiency and elegance in the design of their high-altitude solar aircraft. With a wingspan comparable to that of a passenger jet, the aircraft showcases an engineering marvel that belies its lightweight construction. Weighing less than a motorbike, Radical's aircraft boasts an extraordinary level of efficiency that maximizes performance while minimizing energy consumption.

The Power of Efficiency: A Remarkable Equilibrium
Radical's high-altitude solar aircraft is a testament to the power of efficiency. Despite its size and capability, the aircraft operates on a power consumption equivalent to that of a hairdryer. This impressive feat is a testament to Radical's commitment to sustainable solutions that not only revolutionize connectivity but also minimize environmental impact. By optimizing every aspect of the aircraft's design, from its aerodynamics to its power management systems, Radical has achieved an equilibrium between performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Navigating the Lower Stratosphere: Connectivity Redefined
Positioned in the lower stratosphere, Radical's high-altitude solar aircraft operates at an optimal altitude that surpasses the limitations of traditional networks. Free from weather disturbances, clouds, and aviation traffic, the aircraft soars above the obstacles that often hinder connectivity. This strategic positioning allows Radical's aircraft to maintain a consistent line-of-sight coverage, unimpeded by terrain and geographical barriers. By leveraging this advantage, Radical can deliver broadband connectivity to even the most remote and underserved areas, providing a lifeline of communication and opportunity.

A New Era of Connectivity:
Radical's high-altitude solar aircraft represents a technological marvel that transcends the boundaries of conventional connectivity solutions. By harnessing the power of the sun and pushing the limits of efficiency and engineering, Radical has unlocked a new era of connectivity that knows no geographical limitations. As the aircraft effortlessly navigates the lower stratosphere, it brings with it the promise of connectivity, empowerment, and progress. Radical's innovative technology ushers in a future where internet access becomes a fundamental right, enabling individuals and communities worldwide to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Impact and Benefits

Revolutionizing Connectivity
Radical's groundbreaking approach to connectivity has the potential to revolutionize internet access on a global scale. By offering affordable broadband connectivity through high-altitude solar aircraft, Radical addresses the limitations of existing technologies. The benefits are manifold:

Global Accessibility: Radical's technology can provide internet access to underserved communities worldwide, bridging the digital divide and fostering social and economic development.

Cost Efficiency: The use of high-altitude solar aircraft offers a cost-effective solution compared to traditional terrestrial or satellite networks, making it economically viable to extend connectivity to remote and sparsely populated areas.

Seamless Mobility: Unlike satellite networks, Radical's aircraft are mobile and can be positioned strategically, ensuring consistent coverage and eliminating the need for stationary dish transceivers.

Low Latency: By operating 20 times closer to the ground than low earth orbit satellites, Radical's aircraft significantly reduce latency, delivering a superior user experience.


Radical's visionary commitment to democratizing global internet access is swiftly materializing as they forge ahead with their trailblazing high-altitude solar aircraft. Through harnessing this groundbreaking technology, Radical is steadfastly striving to bridge the digital divide and deliver dependable broadband connectivity to marginalized communities. This audacious endeavor possesses the power to revolutionize the landscape of connectivity, instilling hope for a future that is interconnected and embraces inclusivity on an unprecedented scale. By wholeheartedly embracing Radical's ambitious venture, we take a decisive step towards fostering a world where every individual can leverage the transformative potential of the internet.