Raz - Next-generation AI forms

Unleashing Deeper Insights: The AI-Powered Form Revolution by Raz

In today's fast-paced and data-driven business landscape, the quest for insights is relentless. Companies strive to decode user experiences, enhance customer satisfaction, and refine their strategies for perpetual growth. However, the traditional approach of using static forms often falls short, leaving businesses with incomplete and shallow insights. Enter Raz, the New York-based start-up that is shaking up the status quo with its AI-powered forms that dig deeper, engage users, and transform responses into actionable insights.

The Journey Begins: Meet the Minds Behind Raz

Rob Haber: From Beef Jerky to AI Engineering

Rob Haber, the Co-founder and CEO of Raz, is no stranger to innovation. Before diving into the world of AI-powered forms, Rob's journey took him through diverse terrains. From working at e-commerce giant Amazon to starting his own beef jerky venture, he embarked on a mission to fuse his entrepreneurial spirit with cutting-edge technology. Rob's academic pursuits led him to a Master's degree in AI from Carnegie Mellon, where he honed his skills and paved the way for his role as a Machine Learning Engineer at Scale AI. Here, he trained Large Language Models (LLMs), setting the stage for his groundbreaking work at Raz.

Alex Luis: From Sumo Ring to Tech Enthusiast

Alex Luis, the other Co-founder of Raz, boasts a journey as intriguing as his background. A former sumo wrestler born in Tokyo, Alex's transition from the ring to the tech realm is a testament to his adaptability. His consulting tenure with PwC's Customer Service and Advocacy team exposed him to emerging technologies like 5G, NFTs, and IoT. Alex's experience in navigating the dynamic landscape of customer interactions and emerging tech trends positioned him as a visionary in the tech start-up arena. Today, he's a Co-founder at Raz, charting a path towards redefining data collection and insights.

Unveiling Raz: Revolutionizing Data Collection with AI Forms

The heart of Raz's innovation lies in its next-generation AI forms that transcend conventional data collection methods. These interactive and personalized forms stand out by engaging users in meaningful conversations, transforming the mundane process of form-filling into an insightful dialogue.

The Problem: Cracks in the Traditional Armor

Raz's genesis can be traced back to Alex's days at PwC, where he witnessed a common pain point across businesses – a lack of in-depth understanding of user experiences. The prevailing method of sending static and generic forms often yielded superficial insights, failing to provide the depth required for actionable strategies. These forms, lacking the ability to probe deep into users' thoughts, left companies grappling with unresolved queries.

The Solution: Contextual Engagement for Deeper Insights

Raz's innovation lies in its approach to transforming forms into contextual conversations. By embedding context into the questions, Raz's forms become dynamic agents of engagement. When users respond ambiguously, Raz adapts – rephrasing questions or delving into specific aspects of the user's input. This approach not only addresses the surface-level responses but also unearths hidden insights lying beneath.

A Paradigm Shift in Data Enrichment

Forms are the lifeblood of countless business operations – from capturing customer feedback to screening potential hires. Raz recognizes this, offering an opportunity for companies to enrich their data collection practices. By capitalizing on the engagement levels of SMS and voice calls, Raz redefines the process of deploying surveys. Instead of a simple link to a static survey, users experience a native SMS conversation, akin to interacting with a company representative.

After the Responses: Insights that Shape the Future

Raz's impact doesn't stop at engaging conversations; it extends to actionable insights. Once users complete the interactive forms, Raz provides businesses with a treasure trove of responses. But that's not all – the platform's semantic analysis dives deep into the data, extracting important themes and relevant insights. What emerges is a roadmap for decision-makers, brimming with informed strategies and customer-centric improvements.

The Power of Contextual Collaboration: Raz's Unique Approach

At the heart of Raz's success lies its ability to forge a unique collaboration between businesses and users. This synergy is achieved through its contextual approach, transforming interactions that were once transactional into value-laden conversations.

Redefining User Engagement

The hallmark of Raz's innovation is its redefinition of user engagement. No longer limited to filling out forms, users are now part of a meaningful dialogue. By incorporating context, Raz adds relevance to questions, ensuring that users remain engaged and invested throughout the interaction. This approach not only garners more detailed responses but also cultivates a sense of connection between the user and the brand.

Paving the Way for Personalization

Personalization is a cornerstone of modern business strategies. Raz amplifies personalization through its AI-powered forms. Each interaction is tailored to the user's previous responses, creating an individualized experience. This not only elevates the quality of insights but also leaves users with a sense of being understood, fostering brand loyalty in the process.

From Data Collection to Experience Enhancement

Raz's contextual approach transcends mere data collection; it lays the foundation for experience enhancement. By probing deeper into user experiences, businesses gain the tools to refine their offerings and strategies. The insights obtained pave the way for holistic improvements, addressing pain points and leveraging strengths to create a seamless user journey.

The Entrepreneurial Journey: From Vision to Reality

The birth of Raz wasn't just a journey of innovation but an embodiment of friendship and shared aspirations. The camaraderie between the founders, Rob and Alex, paved the way for Raz's inception.

The Tennis Connection: A Decade of Friendship

Rob and Alex's story begins on the high school tennis court, where their shared passion ignited a friendship that spanned over a decade. This bond laid the groundwork for their entrepreneurial venture, with each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table.

Rob's Trailblazing Path

Rob's journey encompassed diverse experiences that contributed to his innovative mindset. From his role at Amazon to creating his own beef jerky company, his path was one of experimentation and learning. His AI expertise, nurtured at Carnegie Mellon and fine-tuned at Scale AI, positioned him as a visionary in the AI landscape.

Alex's Transformation: From Sumo Ring to Tech Helm

Alex's journey from sumo wrestling to tech entrepreneurship exemplifies the power of adaptation. His tenure at PwC, working with cutting-edge technologies, instilled in him a deep understanding of customer interactions and emerging trends. This diverse skill set, combined with his vision, positioned him as a driving force behind Raz's mission.

Looking Ahead: Raz's Impact on Business and Beyond

As Raz's journey unfolds, its impact resonates far beyond the confines of AI-powered forms. The ripple effect of its contextual engagement model is poised to reshape businesses and user interactions across industries.

Revolutionizing Customer Insights

Raz's dynamic approach to data collection is set to revolutionize customer insights. Businesses armed with deep, contextual insights can tailor their strategies to meet evolving customer needs. The result? Enhanced customer experiences, higher satisfaction rates, and lasting brand loyalty.

Enriching Decision-Making

Informed decisions are the bedrock of success. Raz's semantic analysis, coupled with its dynamic forms, equips decision-makers with actionable insights. These insights serve as a compass, guiding businesses towards strategies that are backed by real user experiences and sentiments.

Shaping the AI Landscape

Raz's journey is a testament to the transformative potential of AI. By melding AI's capabilities with human interactions, Raz is reshaping the AI landscape, showcasing its capacity to enhance engagement, drive personalization, and unveil insights that were once buried beneath the surface.


Raz's journey, from its founders' high school tennis court camaraderie to its AI-powered contextual forms, represents a paradigm shift in data collection and user engagement. In an era where insights are gold, Raz shines as a beacon of innovation, unraveling layers of insights that traditional forms could never reach. As the start-up continues to evolve and redefine the way businesses connect with their users, one thing is certain: Raz's impact will echo through boardrooms, customer experiences, and the very fabric of data-driven decision-making. Welcome to the age of AI-powered insights, courtesy of Raz.