rift - Cold outbound that doesn't land in spam

Boost Your Sales with rift: The Ultimate Solution for Email Automation and Deliverability

In today's highly competitive business landscape, effective email communication plays a vital role in driving sales and business growth. However, many B2B businesses face significant challenges when it comes to email outreach. Low open rates, minimal replies, and high bounce rates can hamper your success and damage your domain reputation. That's where rift comes in. Founded in 2022 by Fil Twarowski and Edvard Eriksson, rift is revolutionizing the way sales and growth teams close deals without landing in spam. By combining email automation and deliverability in a single product, rift empowers businesses to send more cold emails that actually get replies.

Introducing rift: Empowering B2B Sales Teams to Conquer the Inbox

In the fast-paced and fiercely competitive realm of B2B sales, the ability to stand out and effectively engage with the right audience is paramount. Recognizing this challenge, rift emerges as a game-changing solution, revolutionizing the way businesses enhance email deliverability and streamline their sales processes. By offering an innovative platform that simplifies the setup of cold email infrastructure, rift empowers sales teams to concentrate on their core objective: driving business growth and closing deals with confidence. Discover how rift's cutting-edge approach empowers B2B sales teams to conquer the inbox and achieve unparalleled success.

Meet the Visionaries behind rift: Fil Twarowski and Edvard Eriksson

Fil Twarowski, the CEO of rift, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With previous successes as the first business hire at Pulley and the CEO of Point API, Fil has a proven track record in driving business growth. Co-founder Edvard Eriksson, who specializes in product and growth, has a background in companies such as Samsara and Pulley. Together, they form a dynamic team that understands the challenges of cold outbound email channels and aims to simplify the process through rift.

The Problem - Overcoming the Challenges of B2B Sales Emails

Imagine being a B2B business sending hundreds of emails every day, only to face discouraging statistics. Open rates below 50%, reply rates as low as 1%, and bounce rates exceeding 5% create a significant hurdle in reaching potential customers. If left unaddressed, these issues can lead to a decline in open and reply rates, along with an increase in bounce rates. The consequences are dire—your domain reputation suffers, making it difficult to connect with leads and existing customers. Recovery from such a setback can take months.

The Solution - rift: Simplifying Email Infrastructure and Enhancing Sales Emails

Setting up Your Cold Email Infrastructure Correctly
Building a solid email infrastructure is essential for successful outreach. However, it often requires specialized knowledge in email deliverability and cold outbound strategies. rift eliminates this complexity by implementing the email infrastructure for you. With their platform, businesses can confidently send cold emails without worrying about technical hurdles, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Sending Relevant Sales Emails to the Right People
Crafting compelling sales emails that resonate with your target audience is an art form. To increase reply rates and engagement, rift offers personalized 1:1 support to help businesses write sales emails that actually get replies. By leveraging their expertise and experience, rift ensures that your messages stand out in crowded inboxes, fostering meaningful connections with potential customers.

Embrace Success with rift: Benefits and Features

Enhanced Email Deliverability
rift's platform incorporates advanced deliverability techniques to ensure your emails land in the primary inbox instead of getting lost in spam folders. By optimizing your sending reputation and providing guidance on best practices, rift boosts your chances of reaching the right audience and generating valuable responses.

Streamlined Automation
Efficiency is key when it comes to email outreach. rift's automation capabilities save you time and effort by allowing you to schedule and automate your email campaigns. With their user-friendly interface, you can easily create personalized email sequences that engage your prospects at every stage of the sales cycle. Whether it's sending follow-ups, nurturing leads, or reaching out to existing customers, rift streamlines the entire process, ensuring consistent and timely communication.

Advanced Analytics and Insights
Understanding the effectiveness of your email campaigns is essential for optimizing your sales strategy. rift provides in-depth analytics and insights into your email performance. Track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and reply rates to gain valuable data-driven insights. Identify which campaigns are generating the best results and refine your approach to maximize conversions. With rift, you have the power to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Seamless Integration
Integrating rift into your existing tech stack is a breeze. The platform seamlessly integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing you to sync your contacts, track interactions, and manage your leads all in one place. Whether you use Salesforce, HubSpot, or any other CRM, rift ensures a smooth and hassle-free integration, empowering you to leverage your existing tools and workflows.

Success Stories - Realizing the Potential of rift

The true testament to the effectiveness of any solution lies in the success stories of its users. Businesses that have embraced rift have experienced remarkable results. Companies that once struggled with low open rates and limited responses have witnessed a significant turnaround in their email outreach efforts. With rift's comprehensive platform and personalized support, they have successfully increased open rates, improved reply rates, and ultimately closed more deals.

Pricing Plans - Affordable Solutions for Every Business

rift understands that businesses of all sizes deserve access to powerful email automation and deliverability tools. That's why they offer flexible pricing plans to cater to the needs and budgets of different organizations. Whether you're a startup with a limited budget or an established enterprise seeking scalable solutions, rift has a pricing plan that suits your requirements. By providing affordable options, rift ensures that businesses of all sizes can unlock their full sales potential.

Customer Support - Your Success is Our Priority

At rift, customer success is at the core of their mission. Their dedicated support team is committed to helping you achieve your sales goals. Whether you have technical questions, need guidance on email best practices, or require assistance with campaign optimization, rift's support team is there to provide prompt and personalized assistance. With their hands-on approach, you can rely on rift's support to overcome any challenges and make the most of their platform.


In the world of B2B sales, effective email communication is the key to success. With rift, you can leave behind the frustrations of low open rates, minimal replies, and high bounce rates. By combining email automation and deliverability in a single platform, rift empowers businesses to send more cold emails that actually get replies. With their expertise in email infrastructure and personalized support, rift ensures that your messages reach the right people and generate meaningful interactions. Don't let your email outreach fall into spam folders—embrace the power of rift and close more deals with confidence. Start your journey to improved sales performance and enhanced email deliverability today.