Rollstack: Automating Slide Deck and Document Creation

In today's fast-paced business environment, slide decks and documents have become essential tools for presentations, financial reporting, client reviews, and other purposes. However, creating and updating them can be a daunting and time-consuming task, often taking up to 12 hours per week. This is where Rollstack comes in, a San Francisco-based startup that aims to revolutionize the way professionals create and update slide decks and documents. With Rollstack, teams can automate the process of collecting data from multiple sources, formatting charts and tables, and generating high-quality presentations with ease. In this article, we will explore the many features and benefits of Rollstack, as well as take a closer look at the founders' vision for the company.

Why is slide deck creation so cumbersome?

Creating slide decks and documents can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process for many businesses. One of the main reasons for this is the difficulty in collecting data from multiple sources such as BI tools, CRMs, and data warehouses. This requires significant effort and can lead to delays and inaccuracies. Additionally, once the data is collected, formatting it into charts, tables, and visualizations that convey the desired message can be an arduous task. This often requires manual intervention and can result in errors and inconsistencies. Updating slides and documents can also be a challenge, especially when data changes frequently, requiring time and resources to make changes manually. Another issue is reusability, where the same slides or documents are reused, but updating them takes up valuable time. These challenges can lead to frustration and decreased productivity, but with Rollstack's automated solution, these tasks can be streamlined and simplified.

How Rollstack solves these problems

Rollstack is an automated solution that addresses the above challenges and offers the following benefits:

Automated Data Collection: Rollstack allows teams to connect to their favorite data sources, such as Tableau, Salesforce, or Looker, and set up a scheduled refresh. This ensures that the data is always up-to-date and saves time spent on manual data collection.
Automated Data Formatting: Rollstack generates insights automatically from visualizations and datasets, saving teams time spent on formatting and charting.
Automated Updating: Rollstack automatically updates slides and documents based on the scheduled refresh, eliminating manual intervention and reducing errors and inconsistencies.
Reusability: Rollstack saves formatting and visualizations choices, allowing teams to reuse the same slides or documents with minimal effort.
Programmatically Create Decks: Rollstack allows teams to create new versions of the same deck programmatically, saving even more time.
Version Control: Rollstack also offers version control, allowing teams to track changes and collaborate on the same deck.

Who are the Founders?

Rollstack's founders have a shared goal of enhancing professionals' productivity by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. The company was established in 2022 by a team of three highly skilled individuals: Saad Bahir, Nabil Jallouli, and Younes Jallouli. Saad Bahir is an experienced software and DevOps engineer who has previously worked at AiFi, Implicity, and Credit Suisse SMG. He is passionate about open source and bootcamp workouts. Nabil Jallouli is an accomplished engineer who has led data, strategy, and revenue operations at prominent companies such as Pinterest, Deel, and Groupon. He is driven by his passion for execution, people, data, and growth. Younes Jallouli has held engineering and product roles at Tesla and SlimPay, and his experience and expertise have been invaluable in the founding of Rollstack. Together, these founders are committed to their vision of making professionals worldwide more productive by freeing them from menial, non-value added tasks.

Rollstack's Mission

Rollstack's mission is to empower professionals worldwide to be more productive by eliminating non-value-added tasks. With the automation of slide deck and document creation, Rollstack enables teams to redirect their efforts towards high-value activities, such as analysis, innovation, and strategy development. The company's values reflect its commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, humble learning, active listening, and acknowledging the strength in diversity. Rollstack's unwavering focus on the customer is reflected in its customer-centric approach, as they continually strive to identify and understand their customers' needs and deliver solutions that meet or exceed those needs. The company's commitment to innovation drives the development of cutting-edge technology that automates the tedious and time-consuming aspects of slide deck and document creation, freeing professionals to focus on high-impact work. Rollstack also recognizes the importance of learning without ego, which encourages the company's team members to be open-minded and humble as they continue to learn from their successes and failures. Additionally, Rollstack values active listening and recognizes that actively seeking out feedback from customers and stakeholders is vital for achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Finally, Rollstack acknowledges that the strength of a team lies in its diversity, which enables it to approach problems from multiple perspectives and create more inclusive solutions.


Rollstack is a powerful tool that saves teams time, money, and effort by automating the creation and updating of their slide decks and documents. With its ability to integrate with various data sources and automate the formatting and visualization process, Rollstack eliminates the need for manual data entry and formatting, allowing teams to focus on the content and analysis that adds value to their work.

The founding team of Rollstack brings a wealth of experience and expertise in software development, machine learning, data engineering, and product management. With a passion for building tools that make professionals more efficient at work, they have created a platform that addresses a significant pain point for many teams.

Rollstack's mission to make professionals more productive and free them from non-added value tasks is commendable, and their commitment to customer-centricity, innovation, and learning without ego is evident in their product and approach.

As more and more companies embrace data-driven decision-making, tools like Rollstack will become increasingly important. The ability to quickly and easily create and update visualizations and presentations with the latest data will be a competitive advantage for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Overall, Rollstack is an exciting startup to watch in the data automation space, and their platform has the potential to revolutionize the way teams create and update their slide decks and documents.