Sameday - AI sales agents for home service businesses

Revolutionizing Home Service Businesses with Sameday's AI Sales Agents

In the fast-paced world of home service businesses, such as plumbing and roofing, missed phone calls can cost a fortune. Every missed call represents a potential lost lead and revenue. Sameday, a groundbreaking startup based in Lehi, UT, has emerged as a game-changer in this industry. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Sameday's AI Sales Agents ensure that no call goes unanswered, following up with leads until every potential customer is scheduled for service. This article explores the innovative solutions offered by Sameday and how they are transforming the way home service businesses operate.

Unveiling Sameday - Always Be Available

Sameday is a trailblazing startup that has introduced a revolutionary concept to the home service industry: an AI Sales Agent that answers calls missed by the sales team and actively pursues leads until a sale is secured. By positioning themselves as a solution to the most significant pain point in the home services space, answering the phone, Sameday aims to revolutionize the way businesses in this sector operate.

Meet the Founders

Sameday was founded by Aaron Cooper and Max Forsey, two individuals with diverse backgrounds but a shared passion for leveraging technology to solve real-world problems.

Aaron Cooper - Chief Marketing Officer Turned Entrepreneur
Aaron Cooper, the former Chief Marketing Officer of the fastest-growing home services company in the US, recognized the tremendous potential of addressing the phone answering issue in the industry. Inspired by his experience, he embarked on a journey to create Sameday, aiming to ensure that no lead is left behind.

Max Forsey - From Language to Programming
Max Forsey, another key founder of Sameday, began his career as a translator of ancient languages. His profound understanding of languages eventually led him to programming, where he realized the immense power of language as a tool. Max's expertise and passion for language played a crucial role in the development of Sameday's virtual sales agents.

Sameday's Unparalleled Virtual Sales Agents

Customers who have experienced Sameday's virtual sales agents rave about the extraordinary quality of the service. Not only do these agents sound remarkably human, but they also possess the unique ability to empathize with customers, overcome objections, and persistently follow up until a sale is made. Astonishingly, Sameday boasts an impressive 80% close rate for all sales calls it receives.

Addressing the Problem

The Cost of Missed Opportunities

Home service businesses currently fail to answer a staggering 62% of phone calls. Each missed call represents a missed opportunity and can cost an average of $80 per lead. With home service businesses paying four times more per lead than other industries, the financial implications of missed calls are significant.

The Limitations of Third-Party Call Centers

Many businesses opt for third-party call centers to handle their incoming calls. However, these call centers can be expensive, charging several dollars per minute and often failing to effectively schedule services. This results in low conversion rates and higher acquisition costs. Sameday's customers have found a superior alternative in the virtual sales agents provided by Sameday, which prompted them to switch from traditional call centers.

Staffing Challenges and Call Center Woes

Staffing remains a significant challenge for home service businesses when it comes to handling incoming calls. Many businesses struggle to find reliable individuals to answer the phone, leading to missed opportunities and frustrated customers. Some resort to hiring friends and family members, hoping to bridge the gap in availability. However, relying on untrained personnel may result in subpar customer service and a lack of professional sales skills.

On the other hand, businesses with larger operations often opt for call centers to handle their incoming calls. While call centers can provide a dedicated team for answering phones, they come with their own set of issues. Maintaining a call center with 50 or more employees requires substantial resources and management. Balancing the need for a satisfactory ROI with high turnover rates and training costs can be a daunting task for businesses.

Recognizing these challenges, Sameday's virtual sales agents offer a comprehensive solution. With Sameday, businesses can eliminate the need to hire additional staff or rely on inexperienced individuals to answer calls. The virtual sales agents seamlessly integrate into the business's operations, handling incoming calls with professionalism and efficiency.

The Sameday Solution

Virtual Sales Agents: An All-in-One Answering Solution

Sameday's virtual sales agents act as an extension of the business's sales team, ensuring that no calls go unanswered. By utilizing AI technology, these agents can handle multiple calls simultaneously, providing a seamless and uninterrupted customer experience. Whether it's during peak hours, after business hours, or when the sales team is unavailable, Sameday's virtual sales agents are always ready to engage with customers and capture valuable leads.

Following Up for Guaranteed Results

Sameday's commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond simply answering calls. The virtual sales agents excel at follow-ups, actively initiating outbound calls to potential leads. By pursuing leads until they are successfully scheduled for service, Sameday ensures that no opportunity slips through the cracks. This proactive approach significantly increases the chances of converting leads into sales and maximizing revenue for home service businesses.

Seamless Onboarding and Ultra-Human Voice

One of the standout features of Sameday's virtual sales agents is their ability to onboard new customers in seconds. By seamlessly integrating with existing systems and databases, the agents can quickly gather and update customer information, eliminating the need for lengthy onboarding processes. This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Moreover, Sameday's virtual sales agents possess an ultra-human voice that leaves customers impressed. The agents can engage in natural and meaningful conversations, building rapport and trust with callers. This human-like interaction creates a positive customer experience, making callers feel valued and understood.

Overcoming Objections and Achieving Remarkable Conversion Rates

Sameday's virtual sales agents are trained to address customer objections effectively. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, these agents can intelligently respond to common concerns, provide persuasive answers, and alleviate any doubts or hesitations customers may have. Their ability to overcome objections, combined with their persistent follow-up approach, results in an impressive 80% close rate for all sales calls received.

Sameday's Impact and Customer Testimonials

Sameday has been making waves in the home service industry since its launch. The positive impact of their virtual sales agents on businesses' bottom line and customer satisfaction is undeniable. Numerous testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the effectiveness of Sameday's solution and the significant improvements they have experienced in their operations.

Customers praise the virtual sales agents for their exceptional communication skills, ability to understand customer pain points and unwavering dedication to securing sales. The agents' ultra-human voice and personalized approach have impressed callers, leading to a higher level of engagement and trust. Businesses that have switched from traditional call centers to Sameday have reported increased conversion rates, improved customer service, and reduced costs.


Sameday's AI Sales Agents have brought a revolutionary change to the home service industry by addressing the critical issue of missed phone calls and sales opportunities. With their virtual sales agents, businesses can ensure that every lead is captured, followed up on, and successfully scheduled for service. By offering seamless onboarding, ultra-human voice, objection-handling capabilities, and persistent follow-ups, Sameday has eliminated common pitfalls associated with other AI solutions. As a result, businesses can maximize their conversion rates, increase revenue, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. With Sameday, home service businesses can truly embrace the motto of "Always be available" and take their sales operations to new heights.