Sanvivo - Shopify for pharmacies in Europe

Introducing Sanvivo: Revolutionizing Pharmacy Services in Europe

The Need for Digital Transformation in European Pharmacies

Pharmacies play a critical role in providing healthcare services and ensuring access to medications for patients across Europe. However, many local pharmacies in the region are facing significant challenges in adapting to the digital age. Regulatory changes, such as the requirement to accept and fill e-prescriptions, are pushing pharmacies to embrace online orders. Unfortunately, most pharmacies are ill-prepared for this transition, lacking the necessary tools and infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the digital era.

Sanvivo - Empowering Local Pharmacies with Digital Superpowers

Sanvivo is a Munich-based startup that aims to bridge the gap between traditional pharmacies and modern e-commerce. Inspired by the success of Shopify, Sanvivo is building a multisided platform that empowers customers to order medications, seek pharmaceutical advice, and book health services from local pharmacies in Europe. The company's vision is to give local pharmacies the digital superpowers they need to combine efficient supply chains with high-quality consultation services and state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions.

Meet the Founders Driving Sanvivo's Success

Sanvivo was founded in 2021 by a group of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Julius Rachor, the co-founder and CEO of Sanvivo, brings a wealth of experience from his work on e-mobility projects and data infrastructure for BMW's Autonomous driving division. Dominic Haul, the co-founder and COO, has a strong background in acoustics and mechanics, having previously worked with renowned companies like Neumann/Sennheiser and KlangPurist. Nikolai Alemi Hariri, another co-founder and CEO, combines his experience as a pharmacy manager with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. Lastly, Sven Wildermann, the CTO and co-founder, brings his expertise in computer science and a passion for data and artificial intelligence to drive innovation at Sanvivo.

Addressing the Challenges of Traditional Pharmacies

Sanvivo aims to revolutionize the way pharmacies operate by providing them with a comprehensive suite of digital tools. Currently, many European pharmacies still rely on outdated methods, such as paper notes or fax, for order processing. Moreover, pharmacies face restrictions on scaling their operations due to regulations limiting ownership to 4-6 pharmacies per owner. This lack of digitalization and scalability hampers their ability to improve customer loyalty, retention, and overall service quality.

The Changing Landscape of the European Pharmaceutical Market

The European pharmaceutical market is undergoing rapid transformation. Telemedicine is predicted to grow by 300% by 2027, offering patients greater accessibility to healthcare services. Additionally, the introduction of e-prescriptions is poised to revolutionize the patient journey, unlocking new opportunities for digital innovation in the pharmaceutical sector. Interestingly, German pharmacies already complete a staggering 120 million deliveries per year without the aid of digital tools, highlighting the immense potential for growth and improvement.

VIVOLY - Empowering Patients and Pharmacies Alike

At the core of Sanvivo's solution is their mobile app, VIVOLY, which allows patients to conveniently order medications and have them delivered to their doorstep within just 120 minutes. This seamless experience not only saves time for patients but also enhances accessibility for individuals with mobility issues or vulnerable health conditions. With VIVOLY, patients can communicate with local pharmacies via chat, receiving pharmaceutical advice and support whenever needed.

Unlocking the Power of Local Pharmacies

Sanvivo understands the potential of local pharmacies and aims to unlock their power through its innovative platform. Despite being one-person businesses, local pharmacies possess several advantages over mail-order pharmacies. They offer faster patient supply and real-time inventory management, ensuring efficient and timely medication availability.

Sanvivo's marketplace taps into this existing infrastructure and delivery capabilities, enabling a fast and seamless "quick-commerce" experience for patients. Through their app, VIVOLY, patients can place medication orders and receive pharmaceutical advice via chat. Pharmacies, equipped with Sanvivo's web app, can efficiently process these orders and manage their inventory. Once the orders are ready for pick-up, pharmacy riders utilize Sanvivo's mobile rider app to deliver the medications directly to the patients' doorstep.

By empowering local pharmacies with digital tools and streamlining their operations, Sanvivo not only enhances the customer experience but also strengthens the position of local pharmacies in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical market. This approach enables pharmacies to compete effectively with mail-order alternatives, leveraging their personalized services, and leveraging their physical presence in the community.

Benefits for Patients

The advantages of Sanvivo's platform extend beyond convenience and accessibility. By using VIVOLY, patients gain access to a range of benefits that enhance their overall healthcare experience. Some key advantages include:

Improved Medication Availability: Local pharmacies, with their real-time inventory management, can ensure that medications are available when patients need them. This reduces the frustration of encountering out-of-stock medications, a common issue faced by patients.

Personalized Pharmaceutical Advice: Through the chat feature in VIVOLY, patients can interact directly with pharmacists, seeking advice and clarification on their medication usage, potential side effects, and drug interactions. This personalized consultation ensures that patients make informed decisions about their health.

Reduced Waiting Times: Traditional methods of purchasing medication often involve long waiting times, sometimes up to 24 hours. With VIVOLY, patients can skip the queues and have their medications delivered to their doorstep within just 120 minutes.

Convenience for Vulnerable Patients: Patients with mobility issues or underlying health conditions that make them more vulnerable to infection can greatly benefit from VIVOLY's delivery services. By eliminating the need to leave their homes, Sanvivo ensures that these individuals can access the medications they need without compromising their health and safety.

Empowering Pharmacists

Sanvivo's platform not only caters to the needs of patients but also empowers pharmacists to provide better services and improve their businesses. The benefits for pharmacists include:

Streamlined Order Processing: Sanvivo's web app simplifies the order management process for pharmacies. By digitizing and automating this aspect of their operations, pharmacists can save time and allocate their resources more efficiently.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Retention: With VIVOLY, pharmacists can build stronger relationships with their customers. The chat feature enables pharmacists to provide personalized advice, address concerns, and establish trust, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Access to Digital Tools: Sanvivo equips pharmacies with digital tools they may have previously lacked. These tools enable pharmacies to optimize their inventory management, monitor sales trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve their overall performance.

Integration with Delivery Services: By integrating with third-party consumer delivery companies, Sanvivo ensures that pharmacies can meet the increasing demand for home deliveries. This integration saves pharmacies the effort of establishing their own delivery infrastructure and allows them to focus on their core competencies.

The Future of Sanvivo

Sanvivo is poised to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, and the company's future looks bright. With their innovative platform and commitment to empowering local pharmacies, they are well-positioned to make a significant impact in the market. Here are some key areas where Sanvivo can continue to thrive:

Market Expansion: While Sanvivo has already made significant strides in Germany, there is ample opportunity for expansion into other European markets. By adapting their platform to comply with different regulatory frameworks and partnering with local pharmacies in various countries, Sanvivo can extend its reach and provide their services to a broader customer base.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance providers, and healthcare organizations can further enhance Sanvivo's value proposition. By integrating their platform with these stakeholders, Sanvivo can streamline processes, improve medication availability, and offer additional benefits to patients and pharmacies.

Continuous Technological Innovation: As the digital landscape evolves, Sanvivo must stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Investing in research and development will enable them to introduce new features and improvements to their platform. This may include leveraging artificial intelligence for personalized medication recommendations, integrating with wearable health devices, or implementing blockchain technology for secure and transparent prescription management.

Data Analytics and Insights: Sanvivo has access to a vast amount of data generated through its platform. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, they can extract valuable insights about patient preferences, medication usage patterns, and market trends. This data-driven approach will enable Sanvivo to make informed business decisions, optimize their operations, and offer tailored services to patients and pharmacies.

Regulatory Advocacy: Sanvivo can play an active role in advocating for regulatory changes that support the growth of digital healthcare services. By collaborating with industry associations, policymakers, and healthcare stakeholders, they can contribute to shaping policies that promote innovation, improve patient care, and enable seamless integration of digital solutions within the pharmaceutical landscape.

International Expansion: Beyond Europe, there may be opportunities for Sanvivo to expand its services globally. By studying market trends and understanding the regulatory landscapes in different regions, Sanvivo can assess the feasibility of entering markets outside of Europe. This expansion could open up new avenues for growth and establish Sanvivo as a global leader in digital pharmacy services.


Sanvivo is revolutionizing the way pharmacies operate in Europe by providing digital solutions that empower both patients and local pharmacies. By leveraging their platform, patients can enjoy convenient medication ordering, personalized advice, and reduced waiting times. At the same time, local pharmacies can streamline their operations, enhance customer loyalty, and leverage their existing infrastructure to compete effectively in the digital era.

With a strong team of founders, a commitment to technological innovation, and an understanding of the evolving pharmaceutical landscape, Sanvivo is well-positioned for success. As they continue to expand their market presence, forge strategic partnerships, and leverage data-driven insights, Sanvivo has the potential to reshape the pharmaceutical industry, improve patient experiences, and drive the adoption of digital solutions across Europe and beyond.