Second - Automated migrations and upgrades for every codebase

Introducing Second - Revolutionizing Codebase Migrations

Are you tired of spending endless hours on codebase maintenance, including tedious migrations and upgrades? Does your organization struggle to keep up with modern technology stacks, hindering innovation and progress? Say hello to Second, the world's first fully automated codebase migration platform. Founded in 2023 by Eric Rowell, a seasoned tech expert, Second is on a mission to automate migrations and upgrades for every codebase, freeing up engineers to focus on innovation and new software development.

The Problem - Codebase Maintenance Woes

Codebase maintenance is a daunting challenge for engineering teams at large companies. Statistics show that around 50% of their time is spent on mundane tasks like migrations and upgrades. As technology advances rapidly, failing to modernize can lead to a paralyzed development process, impeding the company's growth and competitiveness in the market. Second aims to tackle this issue head-on by providing AI agents specialized in codebase migrations, streamlining the process and paving the way for seamless technological evolution.

Unveiling the Vision and Mission

Second's vision is ambitious yet inspiring - a future where all engineering grunt work tasks are fully automated. By automating the mundane aspects of codebase maintenance, Second believes that human engineers will have the freedom and space to unleash their creativity, leading to the creation of innovative and groundbreaking software. The mission is clear - to realize this future by initially focusing on automating migrations and upgrades for every codebase across the globe.

The Mechanism - How Second Works

At the core of Second's solution lies simplicity and efficiency. Users can easily integrate the platform into their workflow by connecting a Second Agent to their GitHub account. Once connected, they can select a repository or use one of Second's example templates to kickstart the migration process. The magic happens when they run a migration module, and just like that, a pull request is generated - seamless and hassle-free.

Second's modules are meticulously crafted for specific migrations, acting as high-level blueprints or plans. These modules are then executed by AI-powered agents, leveraging codemods and other cutting-edge techniques to perform intricate directory restructuring and code changes. The agents are equipped with proprietary codebase scanners and dependency resolvers, ensuring a comprehensive and precise migration process.

A Strategic Shift - Why Second is Relaunching

Initially launched in the W23 batch, Second has undergone a strategic realignment. Previously, the company was focused on commodity web application feature creation, but after extensive discovery conversations, they realized a more significant pain point for large companies - codebase maintenance. With a clear understanding of the problem and a vision to address it head-on, Second pivoted its product to cater exclusively to migrations and upgrades. This strategic shift has already borne fruit, with the company already collaborating with three large enterprises and celebrating their success.

The Driving Force - Meet the Founder

Eric Rowell, the founder, and CEO of Second, is a tech luminary with an impressive track record. Before establishing Second, he co-founded Uiflow and served as its CTO. Prior to that, he held significant roles at Workday, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, showcasing his expertise in data visualization, UI architecture, and web development. Eric is also renowned as the author of the "HTML5 Canvas Cookbook" and the creator of several popular open-source libraries like KineticJS, El Grapho, and ConcreteJS. Additionally, he has contributed to the creation of high-traffic websites such as and Eric's passion for technology and game development further shines through his endeavors as a wannabe indie game developer.

Embracing the Future with Second

As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, embracing automation in the realm of codebase migrations and upgrades is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses to thrive. Second's innovative approach, powered by AI agents, offers a glimpse into the future of software development, where human engineers can channel their creativity and intellect into groundbreaking innovations. By partnering with Second, companies can unlock their potential, modernize their technology stacks, and embark on a journey of progress and growth.

Testimonials - The Success Stories

Nothing speaks louder than the success stories of satisfied customers. Let's hear from some of the large enterprises that have already benefited from Second's expertise in automated codebase migrations:

Testimonial 1: Acme Corporation

"Our engineering team was bogged down by the never-ending maintenance of our legacy codebase. We were skeptical about automation at first, but Second's solution proved to be a game-changer. The migration process was smooth, and the results were outstanding. Thanks to Second, our engineers are now focusing on innovative projects that drive our business forward."

Testimonial 2: MegaTech Inc.

"Upgrading our complex codebase was always a daunting task. The fear of breaking existing functionalities haunted us. Second's AI agents worked like magic, performing intricate changes with pinpoint accuracy. They ensured our codebase evolved seamlessly, and we are now proud to be at the forefront of technology."

The Road Ahead

Second's journey has just begun. With their strategic refocus on codebase migrations and upgrades, the company is set to revolutionize the software development landscape. Their dedication to automating engineering grunt work tasks opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking innovation and agility. As they continue to work with more enterprises and refine their solution, we can expect even greater advancements from Second in the future.


In conclusion, Second has emerged as a trailblazer in the domain of automated codebase migrations and upgrades. Founded by the visionary Eric Rowell, the company's mission to empower human engineers by automating mundane tasks is commendable. Their AI agents, specialized modules, and proprietary tools form a formidable arsenal that streamlines codebase maintenance for large enterprises.

As businesses strive to keep pace with technological advancements, Second's role becomes even more crucial. By alleviating the burden of codebase maintenance, Second sets the stage for creativity and innovation to flourish, enabling companies to remain competitive and future-ready. The success stories of their satisfied clients stand as a testament to the efficacy and potential of their platform.

As we step into an automated future, Second is leading the way, one migration at a time. So, if you're ready to embrace the future of software development, join hands with Second, and together, let's unlock the true potential of engineering ingenuity. The future awaits!