Silogy - An AI-powered test and debug platform for chip developers

Silogy: A New Era in Chip Development and Debugging

What is Silogy?

Silogy is an innovative startup specializing in AI-powered test and debug platforms for chip developers. Founded in 2023, this New York-based company is spearheaded by Kay Li and Paul Kim. Silogy aims to revolutionize the semiconductor industry by providing a comprehensive platform that accelerates chip design and verification processes. The team, currently consisting of three members, is focused on addressing the challenges faced by chip developers in an era where demand for new chip designs is skyrocketing due to advancements in AI and the impending decline of Moore's Law.

Who are the Founders of Silogy?

The driving force behind Silogy comprises two active founders with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in the tech industry.

Kay Li is the cofounder and CEO of Silogy. With a strong foundation in mathematics, Kay developed a passion for chips while working in high-frequency trading for eight years at Hudson River Trading. His interest in all things related to chips and finance led him to cofound Silogy, where he leverages his expertise to address the inefficiencies in chip design and verification.

Paul Kim serves as the CTO and cofounder of Silogy. Before Silogy, Paul held key positions at Cloudflare, Sense Talent Labs, and United Auto Workers. His deep interest in software, particularly Electronic Design Automation (EDA), drives his contributions to Silogy's technological advancements. Together, Kay and Paul bring a unique blend of skills and experiences that propel Silogy's mission forward.

What Problem is Silogy Addressing?

Silogy emerged in response to a critical problem in the semiconductor industry. As the demand for designing new chips increases, driven by advancements in AI and the anticipated decline of Moore's Law, chip complexity also rises. This complexity results in an exponential growth in the number of possible states, necessitating extensive testing in simulations. Currently, chip developers spend a staggering 70% of their time on testing.

However, existing tools and methods have not kept pace with this growing demand. The state-of-the-art in collaborative debugging often involves manually pointing out errors in log or waveform files, a process that is both time-consuming and inefficient. Each chip company tends to develop its own tools and infrastructure to address these challenges, often resulting in inadequate and frustrating solutions. Silogy was founded to offer a streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive solution to this problem.

How Does Silogy Provide a Solution?

Silogy's solution is a sophisticated web application designed to manage the entire digital verification workflow. Digital verification, which involves testing the logic of the chip design before its physical design, is the most time-consuming stage in the verification process. Silogy combines three key capabilities to address this challenge:

  1. Test Running, Results, and Statistics: Silogy's Continuous Integration (CI) tool runs tests in the cloud, offering engineering teams unlimited flexibility in scaling their test volume. The platform tracks each project's progress in test coverage and test pass rates, providing a clear and comprehensive overview of the verification process.
  2. Application-Specific Features: Silogy is developing features tailored specifically for verification use cases. These include a test orchestration framework, waveform viewer, coverage report, and other features designed to meet the unique needs of verification teams. These specialized tools give Silogy's customers a significant advantage over competitors who rely on generic CI solutions like Jenkins.
  3. Collaboration: Silogy enhances collaboration by allowing users to send links to specific locations within log or waveform files and leave comments, similar to the functionality found in Google Docs. This feature facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among team members, making the debugging process more efficient and effective.

What Sets Silogy Apart from Competitors?

Silogy distinguishes itself from competitors through its focus on providing a tailored solution specifically for chip verification. While other CI tools offer generic solutions, Silogy's platform is built with the unique requirements of verification teams in mind. This focus on specialization allows Silogy to deliver a more effective and user-friendly experience for chip developers.

Additionally, Silogy's use of AI to power its test and debug platform sets it apart in the industry. By leveraging AI, Silogy can offer advanced features and capabilities that enhance the overall efficiency and accuracy of the verification process. This technological edge, combined with the founders' deep industry knowledge and experience, positions Silogy as a leading innovator in the semiconductor industry.

How Does Silogy Support Chip Developers?

Silogy supports chip developers by providing a comprehensive platform that streamlines the verification process. By automating test running and tracking results, Silogy reduces the time and effort required for testing, allowing developers to focus more on the actual design and innovation of their chips.

The platform's collaboration features also enhance the efficiency of the debugging process, enabling teams to work together more effectively. By offering specialized tools and features tailored to verification needs, Silogy provides a significant advantage over generic solutions, ultimately supporting chip developers in creating better, more reliable chips in less time.

What is the Future Vision for Silogy?

Silogy's future vision is to continue enhancing its platform to meet the evolving needs of chip developers. The company aims to expand its capabilities and features, incorporating more advanced AI-driven tools and functionalities. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the semiconductor industry, Silogy seeks to solidify its position as a leader in chip verification and debugging.

The founders' commitment to innovation and excellence drives Silogy's ongoing development. As the demand for new and more complex chips continues to grow, Silogy is poised to play a crucial role in supporting the industry through its cutting-edge platform and solutions.

How Can Chip Developers Benefit from Silogy's Platform?

Chip developers can benefit from Silogy's platform in several ways. The platform's ability to automate and streamline the verification process saves time and resources, allowing developers to allocate more effort toward design and innovation. Silogy's specialized features cater specifically to verification needs, providing tools and capabilities that are not available in generic solutions.

Furthermore, Silogy's collaborative features enhance communication and teamwork, making the debugging process more efficient and effective. By using Silogy's platform, chip developers can achieve higher test coverage and pass rates, ensuring the reliability and performance of their chips.

Why Should Investors Consider Silogy?

Investors should consider Silogy for its innovative approach to solving a critical problem in the semiconductor industry. The company's AI-powered platform addresses a significant pain point for chip developers, offering a solution that is both specialized and highly effective. With the demand for new chip designs continuing to rise, Silogy is well-positioned for growth and success.

The experienced and knowledgeable founders, Kay Li and Paul Kim, bring a wealth of expertise and a clear vision for the company's future. Their commitment to innovation and excellence drives Silogy's ongoing development and success. For investors looking to support a cutting-edge startup with significant growth potential, Silogy represents a compelling opportunity.


Silogy is poised to revolutionize the semiconductor industry with its AI-powered test and debug platform for chip developers. Founded by industry experts Kay Li and Paul Kim, the company addresses a critical need in the chip design and verification process. By offering specialized features, automation, and enhanced collaboration capabilities, Silogy provides a comprehensive solution that supports chip developers in creating reliable and high-performing chips.

As the demand for new and more complex chips continues to grow, Silogy's innovative platform positions the company for significant success and impact in the industry. With a clear vision for the future and a commitment to excellence, Silogy is set to become a leading player in the semiconductor verification space.