Simbie Health - Powering the return of independent practices in women’s health

Empowering Women's Health Providers: The Innovative Journey of Simbie Health

Unlocking the Potential of Independent Practices in Women's Health

In a world where healthcare is constantly evolving, a group of passionate individuals has come together to revolutionize women's health practices. Simbie Health, a dynamic startup founded in 2023 and headquartered in the vibrant city of New York, is on a mission to power the resurgence of independent practices in women's health. But how does Simbie Health plan to achieve this ambitious goal? In this article, we delve into the heart of Simbie Health's vision, their team, and the transformative solutions they offer to address the challenges faced by women's health providers.

The Founding Pioneers: Architects of Transformation

Exploring the Visionaries Who Have Forged Simbie Health's Path

At the helm of Simbie Health's groundbreaking endeavors stand a trio of visionary founders, each wielding a distinctive background and a wealth of expertise. Natalia Khosla, MD, assumes the role of the company's CEO, a position she fills with a blend of academic prowess and practical insight. Boasting an illustrious educational journey that includes tenures at esteemed institutions such as the University of Chicago and Yale, Natalia breathes new life into the convergence of gender studies, technology, and healthcare. Then there's Rachel O'Driscoll, another driving force behind the enterprise, whose history is steeped in clinical research and health technology. Having significantly contributed to the ascent of digital health enterprises, including pivotal roles at pioneering companies like TrialSpark, Carrot Fertility, and Cayaba Care, Rachel bridges the chasm between clinical practice and the realm of technological innovation. And finally, anchoring the technological aspirations of Simbie Health is Natalia Perina, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Drawing upon her profound experience in the realms of healthcare and technology, Natalia fuels Simbie Health's advancements in the digital landscape. This triumvirate of trailblazers is unwavering in their commitment to spearhead transformative change in the practices of women's healthcare.

Unveiling the Ethereal Vision of Simbie Health

Peering into the Heart of Simbie Health's Mission and the Problems It Aims to Tackle

Simbie Health is more than a mere startup; it is a vessel of empowerment, a beacon of hope for women's health providers who aspire to cultivate and expand their independent practices. At its core, Simbie Health is driven by an unwavering commitment to magnify the potential of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) – a critical cadre in the realm of women's healthcare. With their numbers surpassing a staggering 250,000, APRNs are pivotal players in the intricate tapestry of women's health. Simbie Health's mission is to elevate these healthcare heroes by providing innovative solutions that address a pressing dilemma: the labyrinthine and resource-intensive process of establishing private practices. The startup identifies a stark reality – a significant number of skilled providers are shackled by the weight of administrative complexities and exorbitant costs, leading them to relinquish their dreams of independent practices. Simbie Health sharpens its focus on the field of women's health, where this quandary is even more pronounced due to the nexus of burgeoning demands and the indomitable pursuit of professional autonomy.

Tackling the Titan: The Uphill Battle of Private Practice

Demystifying the Challenges That Deter Women's Health Providers from Independent Practice

Dr. Natalia Khosla's journey through medical school and her immersive exposure to the world of medical professionals offered her a firsthand look at a profound issue that Simbie Health is poised to confront head-on. A common thread among independent practitioners, especially women's health providers, is the relentless march of large hospital group consolidations that exert overwhelming pressure. These consolidations effectively strip providers of their ability to dictate schedules, treatment methodologies, and ultimately, their income. The consequences are stark and multi-dimensional – a disillusioned cohort of providers faces the precipice of burnout, their own well-being teetering on the edge as they grapple with the encroaching disarray. This crisis is particularly pronounced within the realm of women's health, where a staggering 60% of providers report grappling with burnout. A somber picture emerges as the foundations of patient care tremble under the weight of this crisis. In a world where the aspiration to practice medicine on one's terms often meets the formidable complexity of establishing an independent practice, Simbie Health has emerged as a crusader of change.

Crafting a Digital-First Solution

How does Simbie Health plan to change the narrative?

Simbie Health's answer to these challenges lies in their comprehensive digital-first practice setup. This all-inclusive toolkit empowers providers to initiate and operate their women's health practices efficiently and affordably. The startup's platform takes on the most demanding aspects of practice initiation, ranging from insurance credentialing to setting up electronic health records (EHR), billing and revenue cycle management (RCM), and even patient marketing. By relieving providers of these burdens, Simbie Health paves the way for thriving independent practices. Moreover, their platform incorporates AI-driven patient intake and innovative care models like group visits, fostering an enhanced patient experience.

The Team: Experience Meets Passion

Who are the masterminds behind Simbie Health's groundbreaking initiatives?

The driving force behind Simbie Health's visionary ideas and practical solutions is a team with a combined experience of over 20 years in the healthcare industry. The founders, who have been friends and collaborators for more than a decade, come together to reshape women's healthcare. Natalia Khosla's impressive track record, Rachel O'Driscoll's clinical operations expertise, and Natalia Perina's healthcare technical leadership form a well-rounded trio that embodies Simbie Health's dedication to making a difference.

Pushing Boundaries: Simbie Health's Mission

What fuels Simbie Health's commitment to revolutionize women's healthcare?

Simbie Health's journey is rooted in the desire to leverage technology for the advancement of women's primary care. By expanding access to high-quality healthcare and enabling providers to practice according to their preferences, the startup aims to create a lasting impact. The founding members' diverse backgrounds, ranging from medical research to tech leadership, converge to form a potent force that is determined to reshape the landscape of women's health.


In a world where the intricacies of healthcare can often stifle the aspirations of providers, Simbie Health emerges as a beacon of hope. With a team driven by passion and experience, the startup's digital-first practice setup promises to unlock the potential of independent practices in women's health. By providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges that providers face, Simbie Health envisions a future where medical professionals can once again thrive on their terms, fostering a healthier and more empowered society. As the journey of Simbie Health unfolds, it has the potential to reshape the narrative of women's healthcare and inspire a new generation of providers to make their mark on the world.