Softr - No-code solution to create custom apps

Unleash Your Creativity with Softr: The No-Code App Building Solution

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, having a powerful online presence is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. However, not everyone possesses the coding skills necessary to bring their ideas to life. That's where Softr comes in. Founded in 2022 and backed by a Series A funding round of $13.5 million from notable investors such as FirstMark, Atlantic Labs, Scott Belsky, and more, Softr is on a mission to empower the 99% of the world who cannot code. With its no-code app building platform, Softr enables individuals to create custom apps, websites, marketplaces, online communities, and more in just minutes. Let's dive deeper into the features and benefits that make Softr a game-changer in the industry.

Build Software Without Developers - Blazingly Fast

One of the biggest hurdles for individuals with great ideas is the dependence on developers to turn those ideas into reality. With Softr, you no longer need to wait for developers or spend hours learning complex coding languages. The platform allows you to transform your existing Airtable or Google Sheets into modern business tools quickly and effortlessly. By leveraging the power of Softr, you can build software without developers and save valuable time and resources.

Trusted by 150,000+ Teams Worldwide - Empower Your Teams and Clients

Softr has already gained the trust of over 150,000 teams worldwide. Whether you need to create portals, project management tools, lightweight CRMs, content calendars, applicant trackers, or any other business tool, Softr has got you covered. With its no-code approach, Softr empowers both your internal teams and clients by providing them with the tools they need to streamline their processes and boost productivity. Say goodbye to lengthy development cycles and hello to rapid app creation.

Powered by Your Data - Build with Pre-Built Building Blocks

Building an app from scratch can be a daunting task, especially for those without coding experience. Softr makes the process easy and intuitive with its pre-built and functional blocks. From Lists and Charts to Forms, Tables, Calendar, and Maps, Softr provides a wide range of building blocks that you can drag and drop to create your app. Just like playing with Lego blocks, you can put together your app in a matter of minutes, all without the need for developers.

Connect to Your Own Data - Bring Your Data to Life

Data is at the core of every successful app. Softr allows you to connect to your own data sources, whether they reside in Airtable, Google Sheets, or other platforms with REST APIs. This seamless integration ensures that your app is powered by real-time, up-to-date data. With Softr, you can bring your data to life and create dynamic and interactive experiences for your users.

Easily Define Permissions and Access Levels - Ensure Data Security

Data security is of utmost importance in today's digital landscape. Softr understands this and provides granular permissions that allow you to control who can view and edit information within your app. By defining permissions and access levels, you can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data. With Softr, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is securely stored and accessed by the right individuals.

Publish on Any Device & Share with Your Team - Collaboration Made Easy

Building an app is just the first step. Softr enables you to publish your app on any device with just one click. Whether your users prefer desktop, mobile, or tablet, your app will adapt seamlessly to their screen size, providing a consistent user experience. Furthermore, Softr makes collaboration a breeze by allowing you to share and collaborate on your app with colleagues, clients, or partners. Updates and iterations can be made quickly, ensuring that your app stays up-to-date and relevant.

Integrate with the Tools of Your Workflow - Seamless Integration

Softr understands that your app is part of a larger ecosystem. That's why it seamlessly integrates with the modern and trusted tools of your workflow. Whether you use Zapier, Google Analytics, Stripe, Hotjar, Mailchimp, or other popular services, Softr allows you to connect and integrate with them effortlessly. This integration ensures that your app works harmoniously with your existing tools, enabling smooth and efficient workflows.

Start from Pre-Built Templates or from Scratch - Flexibility and Ease of Use

Starting from scratch can be intimidating, especially if you're new to app building. Softr eliminates this barrier by providing hundreds of pre-built templates that you can choose from. Browse through their template library, find the one that suits your needs, and customize it to fit your unique requirements. Alternatively, if you prefer to start from a blank canvas, Softr offers the flexibility to build your app from scratch. The choice is yours, and with Softr, the possibilities are endless.

Rated 4.8 by Real People - Join an Incredible Community

When you join Softr, you become part of an incredible community of builders around the world. With a rating of 4.8 based on over 450 real person reviews, Softr has earned the trust and satisfaction of its users. By joining Softr, you gain access to a vibrant community where you can get inspired, learn from fellow builders, participate in workshops and events, and even hire expert builders for your projects. With Softr, you're never alone on your app-building journey.

Simple, Yet Powerful - No Learning Curve

Softr believes in simplicity without compromising power. Unlike other tools that require hours of learning and complex setups, Softr offers a straightforward and intuitive interface. You can build full-stack apps from Airtable, all within one single place. With Softr, you don't need to be a tech expert to create robust and functional apps. Spend less time learning and more time creating with Softr.

Memberships - Engage and Monetize Your Audience

Engaging your audience and monetizing your app is essential for long-term success. Softr makes it easy with its membership features. You can create easy user accounts with server-side authentication, ensuring enterprise-level data encryption. Offer member-only content and create private pages and sections based on users' logged-in status, roles, and payment tiers. With Softr, you have the tools to build a thriving community and generate revenue from your app.

Payments - Seamless Payment Integration

Monetization is made simple with Softr's payment features. You can accept payments in minutes by allowing users to sign up and sign in securely with email and password or a magic link. With custom pricing models, you can charge customers with recurring or one-time payments, apply free trials and coupons, and integrate native Stripe integration for seamless credit card payments. Softr takes care of the payment process, allowing you to focus on delivering value to your users.

SEO - Boost Your Online Visibility

Having a well-optimized app is essential for attracting organic traffic and boosting your online visibility. Softr understands the importance of SEO and provides features to enhance your app's search engine rankings. Softr generates clean and mobile-friendly pages that load fast, ensuring a high score with search engines like Google. You can also customize meta-tags and image alt-tags to make your site accessible and easy to scan. Additionally, Softr's Detailed List Block ensures that every item in your app is a search-optimized page, helping you rank for relevant long-tail keywords.

100% Design Freedom - Create a Unique User Experience

With Softr, you have complete design freedom to create a unique and visually appealing app. Customize global styles, fonts, and colors to match your brand identity. Configure styles for any element and choose custom colors and backgrounds. Upload images, logos, and favicons to personalize your app further. Softr even supports video embedding from popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. With over 30 dynamic list layouts and 100+ pre-built blocks, such as headers, footers, hero sections, pricing tables, login and signup forms, and more, you can create a stunning app that stands out from the crowd.

Custom Form Builder - Collect Data with Ease

Collecting data from your users is essential for understanding their needs and improving your app. Softr's custom form builder allows you to create forms with various field types, including text, email, URL, dropdown, phone number, and date fields. You can enable unlimited file uploads, include URL parameters or logged-in user attributes, and even add hidden fields for advanced customization. Softr seamlessly integrates with Airtable, enabling you to send form responses directly to your Airtable database. Alternatively, you can forward form responses to your email or integrate with over 2000 other services using Zapier and Integromat. Softr also supports Mailchimp and Mailerlite integration, allowing you to collect form responses in the tools you already use.

Dynamic Search, Filtering, and Sorting - Enhance User Experience

Softr goes beyond static content by providing dynamic search, filtering, and sorting capabilities. With real-time, dynamic search functionality, users can find the information they need quickly and efficiently. Dynamic filtering and sorting allow users to refine search results based on specific criteria. Softr's smart pagination ensures that large data sets are presented in a user-friendly manner, providing a seamless browsing experience.

Gated Content - Tailor Content to Different User Groups

Tailoring your app's content to different user groups is crucial for delivering personalized experiences. Softr allows you to set page-level visibility rules, enabling you to show or hide entire pages based on conditions like a user's logged-in status, role, subscription tiers, and more. Additionally, you can set block-level visibility rules to show or hide individual sections within your app. With Softr, you can create a truly interactive and personalized experience for each user.

Interactive Experience - Engage Users with Data Interaction

Softr provides an interactive experience that goes beyond static data display. You can display data from your database and allow users to add new data directly through your app. This seamless data interaction engages users and encourages active participation, fostering a sense of ownership and investment in your app. Softr empowers you to build apps that deliver value and engage users in meaningful ways.

Untapped Capital VC Firm's Success Story

Softr's capabilities have already impressed many users, including Untapped Capital VC Firm.

General Partner Yohei Nakajima shared his positive experience with Softr, stating,

"I had already tried other tools, so when I started using Softr, it was clear immediately that the capabilities were beyond what I found elsewhere. 5/5."

Untapped Capital VC Firm utilizes Softr's investor portal to keep their Limited Partners informed and engaged, showcasing the platform's versatility and power.

On-Page Editing - Seamlessly Manage Your App

Managing your app shouldn't be a hassle. Softr simplifies the process with on-page editing capabilities. You can easily edit profile information, update listings, change status, and complete tasks directly from your app's interface. This streamlined approach allows you to make real-time updates without the need for complex backend systems.

User Groups & Permissions - Control Access with Ease

Softr offers advanced user group and permissions features that give you full control over access to your app's content. Conditional filters allow you to apply filtering on a record level based on user attributes, roles, and other conditions. Granular permissions enable you to define who can view, add, and edit data on a field level. With Softr, you can enforce data security and ensure that the right users have the right level of access.

Free Assets - Enhance Your App's Visual Appeal

Softr provides a range of free assets out-of-the-box to enhance your app's visual appeal. You can leverage Pexels images, illustrations, icons, and Google fonts to create a stunning and cohesive design. These free assets save you time and effort in sourcing high-quality visuals, allowing you to focus on delivering a visually captivating user experience.

Embed Other Tools - Extend Your App's Functionality

Softr understands that your app may need to integrate with other tools to provide a comprehensive solution. With Softr, you can easily embed popular third-party tools such as Typeform, Calendly, Google Calendar, YouTube, Vimeo, Gumroad, and Buy Me a Coffee. This seamless integration expands your app's functionality and provides a seamless user experience.

Multiplatform Web Apps - Reach Your Users Everywhere

In today's multi-device world, reaching users on different platforms is essential. Softr's Progressive Web App (PWA) feature ensures that your web app is accessible to users across iOS and Android. Whether your users access your app from a desktop, mobile, or tablet, Softr's apps adapt seamlessly to their screen size, providing a consistent and optimized user experience.

Additional Features - Enhance Your App's Functionality

Softr offers a range of additional features to enhance your app's functionality and usability. You can easily embed your application in any web page, customize the look and feel to integrate perfectly with your brand. Softr ensures that every page built with the platform is responsive by default, delivering a seamless mobile experience to your users. Team collaboration is made easy with the ability to invite multiple people to your app, set granular permissions, and run your business together on Softr. Additionally, Softr allows you to transfer ownership of your app to another email address, providing flexibility and scalability.


Softr's no-code app-building platform is a game-changer for individuals and businesses who want to bring their ideas to life without the need for coding expertise. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and seamless integrations, Softr empowers the 99% of the world who cannot code to create custom apps, websites, marketplaces, online communities, and more in just minutes. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, a small team, or a large organization, Softr provides the tools and flexibility to build, collaborate, and succeed. Join Softr today and unlock your creative potential.