Stralis Aircraft - Emission free hydrogen electric aircraft

Stralis Aircraft: Pioneering Emission-Free Hydrogen Electric Aviation for a Sustainable Future

In a world that increasingly demands sustainable solutions to combat climate change, Stralis Aircraft emerges as a beacon of innovation in the aerospace industry. Founded in 2021, this Brisbane-based start-up aims to revolutionize air travel with its emission-free hydrogen electric aircraft. With a team of four highly experienced individuals and a bold vision, Stralis Aircraft is set to reshape the future of aviation.

Meet the Visionaries - The Founders of Stralis Aircraft

Behind every successful start-up lies a team of driven individuals, and Stralis Aircraft is no exception. Let's meet the founders who are leading the charge towards a greener future.

Bob Criner: Co-Founder & CEO
Bob Criner, the Co-Founder and CEO of Stralis Aircraft, brings a wealth of international aerospace experience to the table. Having supported leading emission-free aircraft projects at renowned organizations like Heart Aerospace, Ampaire, magniX, and Google X, Bob combines his technical engineering skills with a strong passion for sustainability. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Bob's journey led him to Australia at the age of 10, where he later studied Aerospace Engineering at UNSW in Sydney.

Stuart Johnstone: Co-Founder & CTO
Stuart Johnstone, the Co-Founder and CTO of Stralis Aircraft, leads the development of the company's lightweight hydrogen electric propulsion system. Stuart's engineering career began with his work on superconducting magnets for MRI and scientific applications. Armed with multidisciplinary experience and an MSci in Physics from the University of Glasgow, Stuart possesses the expertise required to tackle complex engineering problems with a focus on positive global impact.

Stralis Aircraft's Mission - Pioneering Emission-Free Hydrogen Electric Aircraft

Stralis Aircraft is driven by a compelling mission: to lead the charge in providing high-performance, low-operating-cost hydrogen electric aircraft that can be manufactured at scale. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, their visionary approach is set to revolutionize the aviation industry. Central to their mission is the development of their flagship product, the SA-1, which embodies their commitment to emission-free air travel.

The SA-1: Redefining Sustainable Aviation
At the core of Stralis Aircraft's product lineup lies the SA-1, a clean sheet 50-seat aircraft that serves as the pinnacle of their technological advancements. The development of the SA-1 is underpinned by invaluable insights gained from the creation of their minimum viable product (MVP) – a remarkable 15-seat hydrogen electric retrofit of the renowned Beech 1900D aircraft. Through the culmination of extensive research, engineering expertise, and innovative design, the SA-1 is poised to redefine sustainable aviation.

Unleashing the Power of Hydrogen Electric Propulsion
Stralis Aircraft's commitment to emission-free air travel is realized through their cutting-edge hydrogen electric propulsion system. By harnessing the remarkable capabilities of hydrogen, they have unlocked a new era of aviation that combines performance, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. The SA-1 showcases the immense potential of this propulsion system, offering a range of 800 kilometers and emitting only water vapor as a byproduct. This unparalleled achievement presents a stark contrast to conventional fossil fuel-burning aircraft, cementing the SA-1's position as a more sustainable alternative for the future of aviation.

Setting New Standards in Performance and Efficiency
Stralis Aircraft is not merely content with offering a greener alternative; they strive to set new standards in performance and efficiency. The SA-1's high-performance capabilities enable it to soar through the skies, effortlessly surpassing the range of battery electric alternatives. With an operating range ten times greater than its counterparts, Stralis Aircraft has reimagined the boundaries of what is possible for emission-free air travel. Furthermore, the SA-1 boasts a lower operating cost than traditional fossil fuel-powered aircraft, making it an economically attractive choice for airlines.

Embracing a Sustainable Future
The SA-1 serves as a testament to Stralis Aircraft's commitment to creating a sustainable future for aviation. By pioneering hydrogen electric aircraft, they are spearheading the movement toward emission-free air travel on a global scale. The reduction of carbon emissions and the elimination of harmful pollutants make the SA-1 a true game-changer in the industry. Stralis Aircraft's dedication to building aircraft at scale ensures that this groundbreaking technology will be accessible to a wide range of airlines and passengers, thus accelerating the transition to a greener aviation landscape.

A Catalyst for Change
Stralis Aircraft's mission extends beyond the development and production of their revolutionary aircraft. By introducing the SA-1 and promoting the adoption of emission-free hydrogen electric aircraft, they are acting as a catalyst for change within the entire aviation industry. Their innovative approach challenges the status quo and inspires other manufacturers, airlines, and stakeholders to embrace sustainability as a fundamental pillar of their operations. The ripple effect created by Stralis Aircraft's pioneering work has the potential to reshape the industry landscape and drive a collective commitment to a more sustainable future.

Setting New Standards - Performance and Efficiency

Stralis Aircraft sets itself apart by offering airplanes that can fly 10 times further than battery electric alternatives while maintaining a lower operating cost than fossil fuel-powered aircraft. This remarkable achievement is made possible by their cutting-edge hydrogen electric propulsion system. By harnessing the power of hydrogen and leveraging the advancements in electric propulsion, Stralis Aircraft combines performance and efficiency like never before.

Stralis Aircraft's Product Lineup - From Retrofit to Flagship

Retrofitting existing aircraft with Stralis propulsion systems allows the company to enter the market faster and gain a foothold. Their MVP, the 15-seat hydrogen electric retrofit of the Beech 1900D aircraft, is scheduled to enter commercial service in 2026, with Skytrans as the launch customer. This initial offering serves as a stepping stone towards their flagship product, the SA-1, a clean sheet 50-seat aircraft. Building upon the knowledge and expertise gained from the MVP, the SA-1 will have a range of 3,000 km and is expected to enter service in 2030.

Market Potential and Ambitious Goals

Stralis Aircraft has already garnered significant interest and support from the aviation industry. The company has secured $145 million in aircraft letters of intent (LOIs) from seven prominent airlines in the United States, Europe, and Australia. These LOIs demonstrate the market demand for sustainable aviation solutions and the confidence that industry leaders have in Stralis Aircraft's capabilities.

Looking towards the future, Stralis Aircraft envisions selling 50,000 of their 50-seat SA-1 aircraft by 2050. This audacious goal aims to surpass the production volume of even industry giants like Airbus. Stralis Aircraft understands the ambitious nature of their objective, but they are confident in their ability to achieve it by first retrofitting smaller aircraft with their advanced propulsion systems, which offer double the payload compared to the competition.

From Side Hustle to Full-Time Dedication

The journey of Stralis Aircraft began as a side hustle in October 2020 while the founding members still maintained full-time jobs. However, in July 2021, the company was officially founded, marking the turning point for the founders. Determined to make their vision a reality, Bob and Stuart took the leap and quit their day jobs in January 2022 to devote themselves entirely to Stralis Aircraft. This transition allowed them to fully focus on the development and growth of the company, bringing them closer to their goal of revolutionizing the aviation industry.


Stralis Aircraft's unwavering commitment to sustainability, combined with their team's vast aerospace experience, positions them as a formidable force in the world of aviation. By introducing emission-free hydrogen electric aircraft, Stralis Aircraft offers a solution that not only reduces carbon emissions but also provides enhanced performance and cost-efficiency. With a clear roadmap, strong industry support, and ambitious goals, Stralis Aircraft is poised to become a trailblazer in the transition towards a more sustainable future for air travel. As we eagerly await the launch of their MVP in 2026, the sky holds boundless possibilities for Stralis Aircraft and the future of aviation.