Supercool - Automate, create, and manage digital assets

Unveiling Supercool: Revolutionizing Web3 Automation and Asset Management

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, where the blockchain and Web3 technologies are reshaping how we interact with digital assets, Supercool has emerged as a groundbreaking startup. Founded in 2022 by a trio of visionary founders, Supercool is on a mission to automate, create, and manage digital assets, bringing the advantages of blockchain technology to the forefront. In this article, we delve into the world of Supercool, exploring its origins, team, and the transformative solutions it offers to individuals and institutions alike.

Who Are the Visionaries Behind Supercool?

Before we dive into the details of Supercool, let's get to know the brilliant minds driving this innovative startup:

Bruno Jacob - The NFT Nerd

Bruno Jacob, a native of Brazil, is not your typical tech entrepreneur. With a background in health tech startups and machine learning research at the University of Chicago, he brings a unique perspective to the world of blockchain. Bruno identifies as a transhumanist and optimist, holding a CS degree from the University of Chicago.

Jakub Cichon - The Decentralization Enthusiast

Jakub Cichon, another co-founder of Supercool, is a decentralization enthusiast and a chess aficionado. Prior to Supercool, he served as a tech lead at Oscar Health, specializing in distributed search systems. He holds a CS degree from NYU Tandon School of Engineering (formerly Polytechnic Institute of NYU).

Dylan - The Enigmatic Third Founder

While Dylan, the third co-founder, maintains a certain level of mystery in the Supercool narrative, his contribution to the team is undeniable. His expertise and role within the company are shrouded in secrecy, adding an air of intrigue to the Supercool story.

Why Supercool?

In a world filled with skepticism about cryptocurrencies and ongoing government scrutiny, Supercool's founders decided to take the plunge into Web3. But why?

The answer is simple: they believe that Web3 is the ownership layer of the internet, capable of revolutionizing traditional systems and granting people greater financial freedom. Their core beliefs led to the birth of Supercool, driven by the following convictions:

Web3 Transactions Should Be Automated and Frictionless

Supercool envisions a future where Web3 transactions are seamless and automated, removing the barriers that have hindered mass adoption.

Assets Should Exist on the Blockchain

Supercool advocates for more assets to be on-chain, harnessing the inherent benefits of blockchain technology, including composability, traceability, transactability, ownership, and trustlessness.

Building in Web3 Should Be Simple

The founders recognize that the complexity of Web3 can be a barrier to entry for many. Supercool aims to simplify the process, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Company Launch: Supercool - Automate, Create, and Manage Digital Assets

What Is Supercool All About?

Supercool is at the forefront of Web3 innovation, offering a range of solutions that empower institutions and developers to navigate the world of digital assets effortlessly. At its core, Supercool provides two main products: the tokenization engine and the automation engine.

Tokenization Engine: Redefining Asset Management

Supercool's tokenization engine is a game-changer for companies seeking to digitize and securitize assets on the blockchain. It simplifies the entire token lifecycle, from minting to burning and token transfers. The result? Companies can enjoy the full benefits of Web3 without the associated complexities.

Automation Engine: Streamlining Smart Contracts

With Supercool's automation engine, companies can automate their smart contracts, providing users with a seamless onboarding experience and frictionless user interface. This engine offers a highly reliable meta-transaction infrastructure, ensuring that Web3 interactions are smooth and efficient.

Who Can Benefit from Supercool?

Are you wondering if Supercool is the right fit for your needs? Here's a glimpse of who can benefit from Supercool's cutting-edge solutions:

Financial Institutions

If you're a financial institution looking to securitize and digitize assets by leveraging DeFi products and liquidity while bringing them onto the blockchain, Supercool is tailored for you.

Web3 Companies

Web3 companies aiming to automate blockchain transactions and eliminate the human-in-the-loop, all without the burden of managing transaction infrastructure, will find Supercool's offerings invaluable.

How Does Supercool Work?

Now that we've explored who Supercool is for let's dive into the mechanics of how it operates.

Tokenization: Simplified Asset Transformation

Supercool makes tokenization a breeze. All you need to bring to the table are the assets you want to tokenize, and Supercool takes care of the rest. The platform offers a turnkey solution for managing the entire token lifecycle, including minting, burning, and token transfers. Moreover, you can set custom monitoring rules to track token ownership and usage, ensuring transparency and security.

Supercool also understands the importance of blockchain interoperability. If you wish to launch your token natively on multiple blockchains, Supercool simplifies the process across all EVM compatible chains, such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, and more.

Transaction Automation: Effortless and Secure

Managing blockchain transactions can be complex and time-consuming. Supercool simplifies this process with its secure RESTful API, designed to handle all the intricacies of transaction creation and management. This includes nonce management, secret key storage, gas price estimation, transaction retries, network error handling, and more.

With Supercool, you can set up transaction automations that run on a schedule or in response to on-chain or off-chain triggers/events. Here are some common use cases for Supercool:

Automation Engine

  • Auto-executing trading strategies, including limit orders and stop-loss orders.
  • Gasless checkout for a smoother user experience.
  • Cross-chain asset bridging for increased flexibility.
  • Batched transactions to enhance decentralized application experiences.
  • Updating on-chain oracles with external data.
  • Running transactions on a schedule for timely operations.
  • Auto-funding treasury wallets for financial stability.
  • Scheduled airdrops to reward users.
  • Time-based payouts for various use cases.
  • Automated token swaps for seamless asset management.

Tokenization Engine

  • Stable coins: Tokenization of fiat currencies backed 1:1 with deposits.
  • Equity securities: Tokenization of shares with annual dividends.
  • Tokenization of alternative assets: Including gold, other metals, carbon credits, and more.
  • Debt securities: Tokenization of corporate debt, unlocking new opportunities for investors.

Embracing the Future with Supercool

As we look ahead to a future where blockchain and Web3 technologies continue to reshape industries, Supercool stands as a beacon of innovation. The founders' unwavering belief in the potential of Web3 has driven them to create solutions that simplify and enhance the Web3 experience for everyone, from financial institutions to Web3 startups.

With Supercool's tokenization engine and automation engine, the dream of a more automated and asset-rich Web3 ecosystem becomes a reality. It's a testament to the power of technology and the resilience of visionary founders who are committed to shaping the future.

So, are you ready to join the Web3 revolution? Supercool is here to pave the way, making Web3 accessible, automated, and super cool. Stay tuned for more updates from this exciting startup as it continues to redefine the digital asset landscape.