Synaptiq - AI-Powered Training for Doctors

Unleashing the Potential of AI to Transform Medical Training and Healthcare

In a world where technology is reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace, one startup is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize medical education and subsequently, healthcare outcomes. Synaptiq, a San Francisco-based company founded in 2022, is on a mission to reshape the medical education landscape by providing an AI-powered training platform for doctors. With a vision to enhance physician capabilities, streamline healthcare systems, and elevate patient care, Synaptiq is swiftly becoming the beacon of hope for a more efficient and effective medical education sector.

Founders: The Visionaries Behind Synaptiq's Success

At the heart of every successful startup lies a dynamic and visionary team, whose combined efforts drive innovation and create transformative change. Synaptiq's remarkable journey commenced with three exceptional co-founders, each contributing their distinct expertise and experiences to the venture's foundation:

Kevin Bastoul: Co-Founder & CTO - A Technical Trailblazer

Kevin Bastoul, holding a prominent role as the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Synaptiq, brings to the table an impressive background as a software engineer with stints at esteemed companies such as Block and Veeva Systems. His professional journey has been a continuous exploration of cutting-edge technologies, rendering him a pivotal force in shaping Synaptiq's AI-driven infrastructure. The confluence of his technical acumen, innovative thinking, and proficiency in modern technological landscapes has culminated in the creation of a platform that transcends conventional medical education methodologies.

Jacob Caccamo: Co-Founder, COO, & Head of Design - The Design Maverick

Synaptiq's design ethos and seamless user experience find their source in the creative brilliance of Jacob Caccamo, a Co-Founder who dons multiple hats as the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Design. With an illustrious track record spanning over six years in Interaction Design, User Research, Human Factors Methodology, and Front-End Development, Jacob's contributions have been instrumental in sculpting an engaging and intuitive learning environment within the Synaptiq ecosystem. His keen understanding of user behavior and penchant for crafting visually appealing interfaces have transformed Synaptiq into a haven for effective medical education.

Ryan Phelps, MD: Co-Founder & CEO - Bridging Medicine and Technology

At the helm of Synaptiq's inception stands Dr. Ryan Phelps, a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer, whose visionary approach merges medical expertise with technological innovation. With a distinguished background as a former neurosurgery resident at Stanford and a medical student at UCSF, Ryan's personal odyssey through the realm of medical education laid the groundwork for Synaptiq's creation. His first-hand experience in the medical field illuminated the inefficiencies in traditional training methods, prompting him to forge a platform that addresses these gaps. Ryan's exceptional fusion of medical insights and technological foresight is the cornerstone of Synaptiq's transformative journey.

Pioneering Change: Synaptiq's Genesis and Expansion

The inception of Synaptiq is an inspiring tale of one individual's pursuit of excellence, which evolved into a monumental venture poised to reshape medical education globally. Dr. Ryan Phelps, during his tenure at UCSF Medical School, embarked on a personal mission to augment his learning and memory retention capabilities. Fueled by a relentless desire to excel, Ryan devised a tool that not only propelled him to achieve the pinnacle of success in the Step 1 licensing exam, but also garnered him a prestigious spot in Stanford's distinguished neurosurgery residency program.

Recognizing the revolutionary potential of his creation, Ryan harnessed the power of collaboration by joining forces with his lifelong friends, Jake and Kevin. Together, this trio of visionaries embarked on a transformative journey, expanding Ryan's initial concept into what we now know as Synaptiq – an AI-powered medical training platform that has taken the industry by storm. Synaptiq's influence and reach extend far beyond borders, encompassing over 220 medical schools and hospitals across 85 countries. The exponential growth of the platform, an astounding 110% month-over-month, stands as a testament to its profound impact on addressing the pressing needs within the medical education ecosystem.

Embracing the Future: A Vision of Excellence

As Synaptiq continues to carve its path in the realm of medical education, its founders' vision of excellence remains unwavering. The startup's remarkable journey showcases the remarkable synergy of diverse skills, unwavering determination, and a deep understanding of the challenges plaguing the medical education sector. With Kevin's technical prowess, Jacob's design ingenuity, and Ryan's medical insights, Synaptiq stands poised to revolutionize the way physicians are trained and equipped.

As the platform's influence proliferates, its impact will extend far beyond individual physicians. Synaptiq's AI-driven approach has the potential to elevate medical standards, optimize healthcare systems, and enhance patient care on a global scale. The founders' united vision for Synaptiq as the cornerstone of the $110 billion medical education industry represents a bold step towards a future where medical training is not just adaptive but transformative, ushering in a new era of knowledgeable, proficient, and empathetic physicians.

Addressing the Archaic: The Problem in Medical Training

The medical education sector, despite rapid technological advancements in other domains, has remained relatively stagnant for centuries. Trainees continue to rely on outdated tools like textbooks for learning, resulting in a concerning statistic: doctors forget over 50% of new knowledge within just 8 months. This forgetfulness not only compromises patient care but also contributes to substantial costs linked to physician burnout-related turnover.

The Synaptiq Solution: Where AI Meets Medical Education

Synaptiq steps into this void with a groundbreaking solution that combines AI with medical education. This fusion results in accelerated learning speeds and memory retention rates that are 7 times higher than conventional methods. Ryan's personal success story is the embodiment of Synaptiq's potential impact, from achieving excellence in licensing exams to securing a spot in a top-tier medical residency.

The core of Synaptiq's innovation lies in its ability to harness AI and neuroscience-based algorithms. By analyzing individual learning patterns, the platform predicts optimal moments for reinforcing specific topics, ensuring that knowledge is retained indefinitely. This personalized approach not only optimizes learning outcomes but also renders traditional publishers' competitive moats obsolete through unprecedented premium content production.

Synaptiq's Roadmap to the Future: Transforming Medical Education

Synaptiq's rapid growth trajectory is indicative of its disruptive potential within the medical education landscape. With a clear vision of becoming the AI infrastructure for the $110 billion medical education industry, the startup is poised to deliver several transformative outcomes:

Elevating Physician Expertise: By enhancing the learning experience and memory retention, Synaptiq equips physicians with a more profound and enduring understanding of medical knowledge.

Streamlining Healthcare Systems: Improved medical education translates to more efficient and knowledgeable healthcare professionals, leading to streamlined workflows and enhanced patient care.

Enhancing Patient Care: Ultimately, Synaptiq's ripple effect leads to better-informed doctors who provide superior care to patients, positively impacting healthcare outcomes.


Synaptiq's journey from a personal tool for academic success to an AI-powered medical education platform reflects the power of innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The startup's founders, driven by a passion for redefining medical education, have set a new standard for the industry. With its AI-driven approach and rapid global expansion, Synaptiq is not just transforming medical training but also paving the way for a more efficient, knowledgeable, and compassionate healthcare ecosystem. As the world continues to evolve, Synaptiq stands at the forefront of change, enabling physicians to embrace the future armed with knowledge, expertise, and the transformative capabilities of AI.