ten.dev - A context gathering co-pilot for your software team

Introducing ten.dev - Your Context Gathering Co-Pilot

Are you tired of struggling with inadequate documentation for your software projects? Do you wish there was a better way to capture the context behind your code without spending hours writing lengthy documents? Look no further! Introducing ten.dev, the innovative knowledge-gathering co-pilot designed to revolutionize the way your development team handles documentation.

The Challenge of Inadequate Documentation in Software Development

In the world of software development, documentation plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations, seamless collaboration, and efficient maintenance of codebases. It serves as the lifeline that provides valuable insights and explanations for the code, allowing developers to understand the rationale behind each decision. From the smallest functions to complex algorithms, documentation bridges the gap between the code's implementation and its intended purpose.

However, as crucial as documentation is, it faces a formidable obstacle that hampers its effectiveness - developers simply loathe writing it! The process of extensive documentation can be tedious, time-consuming, and often considered a burden by developers focused on delivering functional and innovative solutions. As a result, even the most well-intentioned development teams may find themselves grappling with incomplete, outdated, or altogether missing documentation.

The repercussions of inadequate documentation are far-reaching and can lead to significant challenges for development teams. When new team members join a project or when existing team members revisit old code, they are left with a void of context. Understanding the intricacies and nuances of the codebase becomes an arduous task, akin to solving a complex puzzle without all the pieces. This lack of proper context not only causes frustration but can also result in errors, inefficiencies, and prolonged development cycles.

Furthermore, the departure of original developers from a project exacerbates the situation. In such scenarios, team members may find themselves in a desperate scramble to piece together the missing information. They may resort to guesswork or embark on time-consuming journeys to track down the necessary insights from archived communications or dusty remnants of documentation. This reactive approach to filling in the gaps not only consumes valuable resources but also hampers productivity and slows down the development process.

An Ingenious Approach - Introducing ten.dev

Innovation thrives in the face of challenges, and the enterprising minds behind ten.dev have harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the documentation landscape. Say goodbye to the conventional drudgery of writing extensive documentation and embrace the ingenious solution offered by ten.dev.

At its core, ten.dev employs a unique and forward-thinking approach that sets it apart from traditional documentation practices. Instead of asking developers to endure the tedious task of writing documentation, it takes on the role of an inquisitive co-pilot. This cutting-edge platform uses a sophisticated Language Model (LLM) to generate thoughtful and relevant questions about the code that developers can answer as they write it.

By leveraging the insights of the developers themselves, ten.dev ensures that the context is captured right from the source - the minds of those who understand the code best. It acts as an AI-powered scribe, diligently documenting the "why" behind every line of code while it is still fresh in the developer's mind. This immediate documentation process ensures that the context is accurate, comprehensive, and of the highest quality.

Illuminating the Inner Workings of ten.dev

The brilliance of ten.dev lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. As developers embark on their coding journey, the platform seamlessly integrates with their workflow, acting as a supportive companion throughout the process. It engages developers in a natural and conversational manner, gently posing relevant questions that encourage them to articulate the thought process behind their code.

These questions are intelligently crafted by the Language Model to prompt developers to provide insightful explanations, reasons, and considerations for each coding decision. The responses provided by the developers are then meticulously stored as question-answer pairs in a vector store. This treasure trove of contextual knowledge serves as a repository that developers can access whenever needed.

Imagine having a reliable co-pilot who not only documents the code's context but also readily assists in retrieving that information whenever required. That is precisely what ten.dev accomplishes! Acting as an AI expert within your software team and stack, ten.dev is always ready to offer its knowledge and insights at your beck and call.

To facilitate seamless integration and enhance usability, ten.dev effortlessly integrates with developers' preferred messaging channels. This compatibility ensures that developers can continue to work with their familiar tools while benefitting from the power of AI-driven context retrieval.

In the next section, we will delve deeper into the dynamic team behind ten.dev and the fascinating journey that brought this revolutionary start-up to life.

Meet the Founders - The Driving Force Behind ten.dev

At the heart of this groundbreaking start-up, we find a team of founders whose passion and expertise are propelling ten.dev towards success. Let's introduce you to the brilliant minds that have embraced the challenge of revolutionizing software documentation.

Eoghan Mulcahy - Co-founder & CEO

Leading the charge as the Co-founder & CEO of ten.dev, Eoghan Mulcahy brings a remarkable combination of visionary leadership and unwavering determination to the table. With a deep understanding of the challenges developers face when it comes to documentation, Eoghan is committed to making software documentation more effective, efficient, and user-friendly.

His forward-thinking approach has been instrumental in shaping the direction of ten.dev. With a keen eye for innovation, Eoghan envisions a future where documentation becomes an intuitive part of the coding process, empowering developers to focus on what they do best - crafting exceptional software solutions.

Liam Mulcahy - Co-founder & CTO

Meet the technical mastermind behind ten.dev - Liam Mulcahy, the Co-founder & CTO. With an impressive background in computer engineering, Liam's expertise is the cornerstone of ten.dev's technological foundation. His deep knowledge of software development and cutting-edge technologies has been instrumental in crafting the platform's robust architecture.

Liam's unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that ten.dev remains at the forefront of AI-driven software documentation solutions. With his innovative thinking and technical prowess, he is constantly exploring ways to enhance the platform's capabilities and redefine how developers interact with their code.

Eoin Walsh - Co-founder & COO

Completing this trio of brilliance is Eoin Walsh, the Co-founder & COO of ten.dev. Eoin brings to the table a unique blend of expertise in deep learning, software development, and a diverse range of interests. Fueling the AI aspect of ten.dev, his passion for technology and continuous tinkering adds an extra dimension to the platform's capabilities.

Eoin's insatiable curiosity drives him to explore new avenues for leveraging AI to streamline software documentation. His vision is to create an AI-powered co-pilot that not only assists developers in capturing the essence of their code but also actively enhances their coding experience.

The Inspirational Journey of ten.dev

The story of ten.dev began in the vibrant tech hub of San Francisco in the year 2023. Driven by their shared passion for solving pressing challenges in the software development industry, Eoghan, Liam, and Eoin embarked on a mission to create a tool that would revolutionize the way developers approach documentation.

With their roots in Limerick, Ireland, Eoghan and Eoin laid a strong foundation for their expertise by conducting deep learning Ph.D. research at the esteemed University of Limerick. Their academic pursuits equipped them with invaluable insights into AI and its vast potential applications in various domains, including software development.

Liam's Master's degree in computer engineering further enriched the team's technical prowess, making them an unstoppable force in the realm of software innovation. Armed with their combined knowledge and experience, they set forth to build a solution that would bridge the gap between documentation and seamless code understanding.

The ten.dev Vision - Empowering Software Teams

At the core of ten.dev's vision lies a passionate commitment to transform the way software teams approach documentation. The start-up firmly believes that documentation should not be a burdensome task but rather a seamless and intuitive part of the development process.

To achieve this, ten.dev embraces the power of AI-driven questioning. By asking developers thoughtful and relevant questions about their code as they write it, ten.dev empowers them to effortlessly capture the essence of their work. This revolutionary approach not only ensures comprehensive documentation but also enhances the overall quality of software projects.

The ultimate goal is to foster improved collaboration within development teams. With context readily available, team members can easily understand each other's work, leading to faster development cycles, reduced bug fixing, and higher-quality software solutions.

Unleashing the Benefits of Using ten.dev

Effortless Documentation: Say goodbye to hours of tedious writing; ten.dev's conversational approach makes documentation a breeze. Developers can now focus on what they do best - coding innovative solutions.

Enhanced Collaboration: With clear context available, team members can easily understand and build upon each other's work. The seamless exchange of insights leads to harmonious collaboration and heightened productivity.

Optimized Time Efficiency: With ten.dev's instant documentation during coding, developers save valuable time and effort. No more digging through old documents or scouring email threads; the necessary context is right at their fingertips.

Minimized Errors: Comprehensive context provided by ten.dev reduces the risk of misunderstandings and errors in the codebase. A well-documented code ensures that the software functions as intended, without unnecessary hiccups.

Empowering Knowledge Retention: Even when team members leave, their valuable knowledge remains preserved within ten.dev. This continuity reduces knowledge silos and empowers new team members to seamlessly integrate into projects.

With ten.dev by your side, software documentation is no longer a burden, but a valuable co-pilot that enhances collaboration, efficiency, and the overall quality of your software projects. Embrace the future of documentation with ten.dev, and witness how innovation can reshape the way developers interact with their code!


In conclusion, ten.dev is an exceptional start-up that addresses the long-standing challenge of documentation in software development. By turning the tables and making documentation a conversational process, it empowers developers to capture the "why" of their code effortlessly.

With its team of visionary founders and its mission to enhance collaboration and efficiency within software development teams, ten.dev is poised to become an indispensable asset in the industry.

So, why struggle with outdated and incomplete documentation? Embrace ten.dev, your context gathering co-pilot, and experience a paradigm shift in the way you approach software documentation. Say hello to a future where context is always at your fingertips, and software development becomes a seamless, collaborative journey!