Terrakotta - AI platform for phone-first sellers

Terrakotta: Personalizing Sales Calls with Advanced AI Technology

What is Terrakotta?

Terrakotta is a groundbreaking AI platform specifically designed for phone-first sellers, offering a sophisticated power-dialer that allows sales representatives to leave AI-generated voicemails. Founded in 2023, this innovative start-up is headquartered in the bustling tech hub of San Francisco and operates with a small yet highly skilled team of three. Terrakotta is supported by Group Partner Brad Flora and initially targets the Commercial Real Estate sector. This platform helps brokerages enhance their outreach efforts by using advanced AI to clone brokers' voices and leave personalized, A/B tested voicemails that significantly increase the likelihood of receiving callbacks.

Who are the Founders of Terrakotta?

Terrakotta was founded by three visionary individuals whose diverse backgrounds and shared passion for leveraging technology to solve real-world problems have driven the company’s success.

Vincent Wilson: As the CEO of Terrakotta, Vincent brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table. He studied Computer Science at the University of Washington and was poised to join Palantir as a Forward Deployed Software Engineer (FDSE). However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to drop out of college and devote himself entirely to founding Terrakotta.

Kusiima Boswell: Serving as the co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO), Kusiima has a dual background in business and Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. During his senior year, he developed a machine learning model capable of predicting stock price movements with 65% accuracy. After graduating, Kusiima worked at McKinsey & Company, where he crafted custom data solutions for major technology firms, advised executives on go-to-market (GTM) strategies, and led private equity due diligence efforts.

Gabriel Wilson: Another crucial member of the founding team, Gabriel, was previously a Software Engineer at Lyft, where he contributed to the code that powered millions of rides. He also founded StoreStash, a profitable gig economy storage platform. Gabriel’s experience in scaling peer-to-peer networks and his deep involvement in AI voice technology have been instrumental in developing Terrakotta’s sales engagement platform.

What Problem Does Terrakotta Solve?

Terrakotta addresses a critical challenge in the sales industry: the inefficiency and scalability issues associated with leaving voicemails during call sessions. Historically, voicemail has been an underutilized growth channel due to its time-consuming, repetitive, and tiring nature. Sales representatives often find themselves bogged down by the manual process of leaving voicemails, which limits their ability to scale their outreach efforts effectively.

How Does Terrakotta Work?

Terrakotta revolutionizes the voicemail process through its advanced AI capabilities, transforming how sales representatives engage with potential clients. Here’s a detailed look at how a typical call session works with Terrakotta:

  1. Voice Cloning: Users begin by cloning their voices using Terrakotta’s sophisticated AI. This ensures that the voicemails left sound authentic and maintain the unique touch of the sales representative.
  2. Dynamic AI Voicemail Scripts: Users can then load their contact lists into the platform and set dynamic AI scripts that are personalized for each unanswered call. This personalization is key to increasing engagement and callback rates.
  3. Auto-Dial Feature: Once everything is set up, users can activate the auto-dial feature, allowing them to seamlessly go through their call lists and reach up to 100 contacts per hour. This automation drastically reduces the time and effort required to leave voicemails, making the process more efficient and scalable.

Who Benefits from Terrakotta?

Terrakotta’s initial focus is on Commercial Real Estate brokerages, which stand to gain significantly from the platform’s capabilities. These brokerages can use Terrakotta to clone their brokers' voices and leave personalized, AI-generated voicemails that dramatically increase the chances of receiving callbacks. By automating this process, brokers can spend more time closing deals and less time on repetitive tasks, ultimately boosting their productivity and success rates.

What Makes Terrakotta Unique?

Several features set Terrakotta apart from other sales engagement platforms, making it a valuable tool for sales teams looking to optimize their outreach strategies:

  • AI-Generated Voicemails: Terrakotta utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to generate voicemails that are not only personalized but also A/B tested to ensure higher callback rates.
  • Scalability: The platform allows sales representatives to reach a large number of contacts in a short period, transforming voicemail into a scalable growth channel.
  • Personalization: By cloning the user’s voice, Terrakotta maintains a personal touch that is often lost in other automated systems, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the outreach efforts.

How Did the Founders’ Backgrounds Influence Terrakotta?

The diverse and impressive backgrounds of Terrakotta’s founders have played a crucial role in the development and success of the platform. Each founder brings unique skills and experiences that contribute to the company’s innovative approach to solving sales engagement challenges.

  • Vincent’s Technical Expertise: Vincent’s background in Computer Science and his experience at Palantir have equipped him with the technical skills necessary to build and lead a tech-driven company. His decision to leave college and focus on Terrakotta full-time demonstrates his commitment to the start-up’s vision.
  • Kusiima’s Analytical Skills: Kusiima’s work at McKinsey, combined with his experience in developing predictive machine learning models, has been instrumental in shaping Terrakotta’s data-driven approach. His ability to create custom data solutions and advise on strategic initiatives adds significant value to the platform.
  • Gabriel’s Engineering and Entrepreneurial Experience: Gabriel’s background in software engineering and his entrepreneurial ventures have provided him with a deep understanding of software scalability and product development. His passion for AI voice technology and sales engagement drives Terrakotta’s mission to connect millions of people with the right message at the right time.

What is Voice Nurture?

Terrakotta introduces the concept of "voice nurture," a novel approach that leverages personalized voicemails to grow businesses. This strategy involves using a user’s unique voice to create a more engaging and personal connection with leads, significantly increasing the likelihood of callbacks and conversions. Voice nurture transforms the traditional, often impersonal, voicemail process into a powerful tool for building relationships and driving sales.

What Has Been Terrakotta’s Market Response?

Since its launch, Terrakotta has received a positive response from the market, particularly within the Commercial Real Estate sector. The platform’s ability to automate and personalize voicemails has resonated well with sales teams looking to enhance their outreach strategies and improve productivity. Early adopters have reported significant improvements in callback rates and overall engagement, validating Terrakotta’s approach to sales engagement.

What’s Next for Terrakotta?

As Terrakotta continues to grow, the company has ambitious plans for the future. The team aims to expand its user base beyond Commercial Real Estate, targeting other industries that can benefit from automated, personalized voicemail solutions. Additionally, Terrakotta is focused on continuously improving its AI algorithms to further increase the effectiveness of its voicemails and exploring new features that can add value to its users.

Future developments may include integrating Terrakotta with other sales and communication tools, enhancing analytics capabilities to provide deeper insights into voicemail performance, and expanding the platform’s functionality to support additional languages and voice types. By staying at the forefront of AI and sales technology, Terrakotta is poised to remain a leader in the sales engagement space.

Why Should Businesses Consider Terrakotta?

Businesses should consider integrating Terrakotta into their sales strategies for several compelling reasons:

  • Increased Efficiency: By automating the voicemail process, Terrakotta saves time and allows sales representatives to focus on closing deals and building relationships.
  • Higher Callback Rates: Personalized, AI-generated voicemails have been shown to generate more callbacks compared to generic scripts, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Scalability: The platform enables businesses to scale their voicemail efforts, reaching a larger number of contacts in less time and maximizing their outreach potential.
  • Enhanced Personalization: By cloning the user’s voice, Terrakotta ensures that each voicemail maintains a personal touch, which is crucial for building trust and rapport with leads.

By leveraging Terrakotta’s innovative AI platform, businesses can enhance their sales outreach efforts, improve lead engagement, and ultimately drive more conversions. The combination of advanced AI technology, scalability, and personalization makes Terrakotta a valuable tool for any sales team looking to optimize their performance and achieve better results.