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In the fast-paced world of software development, automation has become a crucial aspect of enhancing productivity and efficiency. While existing workflow and automation tools have their merits, they often fall short when it comes to advanced use cases and developer experience., the developer-first open-source Zapier alternative, is here to address these limitations and provide a seamless solution for creating powerful workflows directly in code. This article delves into the story behind, its innovative features, and the ways it empowers developers to streamline their automation processes.

The Problem with Current Workflow Tools

Developers often find themselves grappling with the limitations of popular workflow and automation tools such as Zapier, n8n, or Make. While these tools excel at handling simple tasks, they often prove inadequate when more advanced use cases arise. Developers frequently encounter scenarios where they have to create workflows in no/low-code tools on behalf of non-technical team members. Though some tools offer code-based customization options, they rarely provide an optimal developer experience. Developers prefer leveraging their preferred integrated development environments (IDEs) with version control and access to powerful tools like GitHub Copilot. Furthermore, integrating APIs in code can be a cumbersome process, involving dealing with multiple SDKs, authentication complexities, and extensive documentation. Additionally, workflows that require sensitive data or access to private databases can pose security concerns.

Introducing's Solution emerges as a game-changer in the realm of workflow automation by providing developers with an easy-to-use platform for creating event-driven background tasks directly in their codebases. By leveraging's SDK, developers can effortlessly write workflows that respond to API events (webhooks), execute on a schedule, or be triggered on-demand through custom events. All workflow definitions and configurations live alongside the rest of the codebase, seamlessly integrating with developers' existing workflows and projects.

One of the standout features of is its ability to handle API authentication with external services, freeing developers from the burden of managing credentials. This allows them to focus on writing functional code and delivering innovative solutions. Moreover, supports long delays of up to a year, ensuring that workflows can resume seamlessly even if server restarts occur.

Streamlining Workflow Creation with simplifies the process of creating workflows through its intuitive interface and powerful features. Developers can kickstart their automation journey by installing the SDK, granting them access to custom packages and functions tailored to their specific needs. The platform offers various methods to trigger workflows, including webhooks, custom events, and schedule-based triggers (CRON). Additionally, boasts an extensive library of API integrations, encompassing popular services like Slack, Airtable, Linear, Stripe, GitHub, SendGrid, Notion, and many more. The platform actively expands its integrations through the contributions of open-source contributors, ensuring developers have a diverse range of options at their disposal. also supports the use of Fetch and subscribing to generic webhooks, enabling developers to integrate any service seamlessly. The platform allows for the inclusion of delays lasting up to one year, ensuring that workflows persist even in the face of server downtimes. Developers can leverage the web app to observe every workflow run, offering enhanced observability for debugging and optimization. Importantly, prioritizes data privacy, empowering developers to maintain control over where their data is sent. Its open-source MIT license further enables self-hosting, granting users the flexibility to deploy the platform in their preferred environments.

Founders and their Expertise owes its success to the talented and experienced team of founders who are passionate about empowering developers and revolutionizing workflow automation. Let's delve into the backgrounds of the individuals driving forward:

Matt Aitken - CEO:
Matt Aitken, the CEO of, is a visionary programmer with a track record of creating innovative solutions. Before co-founding, Matt developed two iPad apps that went on to win Apple's prestigious iPad App of the Year award. His experience in building user-friendly and award-winning applications showcases his commitment to providing exceptional user experiences. Prior to, Matt also played a key role in developing JSON Hero, an open-source JSON viewer that is widely used by over 35,000 developers every month. With his strong programming background and a focus on user-centric design, Matt brings invaluable expertise to the team.

Eric Allam - Founder and CTO:
Eric Allam, the founder, and CTO of, is a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist. He co-founded, an early code-learning platform that gained significant recognition before being acquired in 2015. Eric's experience in building and scaling successful tech ventures lends valuable insights to's growth trajectory. As a core contributor to JSON Hero, Eric has a deep understanding of developer tooling and the pain points associated with workflow automation. With a strong technical background and a passion for creating developer-centric solutions, Eric drives the technological innovation and vision behind

Daniel Patel - Founder and Product Designer:
Daniel Patel, a founder and product designer at, brings a unique blend of design and business expertise to the team. With previous experience as the design lead for multiple venture capital-backed startups, Daniel understands the importance of creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces. His expertise in product design, combined with a keen understanding of the developer community, ensures that provides a seamless and delightful user experience. Daniel is also a co-founder of JSON Hero, further solidifying his expertise in the developer tools domain.

James Ritchie - Founder and Frontend Engineer:
James Ritchie, the founder and frontend engineer at, is a seasoned developer with a passion for building robust and user-friendly applications. With previous experience as a product leader in various venture capital-backed startups, James possesses a deep understanding of the challenges developers face when it comes to workflow automation. His expertise in front-end development and his contributions to JSON Hero demonstrates his commitment to delivering exceptional developer experiences. James plays a pivotal role in ensuring that's front end is intuitive, performant, and aligned with developers' needs.'s Impact on Developer Workflows's launch has already made waves in the developer community, highlighting the strong demand for code-based automation solutions. By enabling developers to create powerful workflows directly in their codebases, aligns with the industry trend of empowering developers to work within familiar environments and leverage their existing skills.

The rise of AI-powered code writing assistants, such as GitHub Copilot and Ghostwriter, further strengthens the case for's approach. As these tools continue to evolve and improve, stands to benefit from the synergy, making the creation of complex workflows increasingly accessible to all developers.

By providing a comprehensive solution for handling API events, schedules, and custom triggers, empowers developers to streamline their automation processes. The platform's support for a wide range of popular services through its growing library of API integrations ensures that developers have the flexibility to integrate their preferred tools seamlessly.'s commitment to data privacy and its open-source MIT license further solidify its appeal to developers. The ability to self-host the platform gives developers full control over their data and enables customization to suit specific security and compliance requirements.

Conclusion emerges as an innovative and developer-centric solution for workflow automation. By addressing the limitations of existing tools and offering a code-based approach, empowers developers to create powerful and customizable workflows within their codebases. With a talented team of founders, a user-friendly interface, and a commitment to data privacy, is poised to make a significant impact in the developer community. As the demand for seamless automation experiences continues to grow, stands as a reliable ally for developers seeking to optimize their workflows and boost productivity.