Unsaddl - The most affordable all-in-one 401(k)

Unsaddl - Revolutionizing Employee Benefits for a Modern Workforce

In an era of rapid technological advancements and evolving employee expectations, traditional benefits packages often fall short of attracting and retaining top talent. Enter Unsaddl, a cutting-edge startup that is redefining the landscape of employee benefits. By offering an all-in-one 401(k) plan with 0% AUM fees and student loan matching, alongside a suite of education benefits, Unsaddl is empowering employers to cater to the financial needs of the modern workforce. In this article, we will explore the vision, founders, and launches of Unsaddl, shedding light on why this startup is creating waves in the industry.

Who are the Masterminds Behind Unsaddl? Unveiling the Visionaries

In the bustling startup ecosystem, success often hinges on the vision and expertise of its founders. Unsaddl, the trailblazing company revolutionizing employee benefits, owes its brilliance to the dynamic duo driving its vision. Let's take a closer look at the remarkable individuals who founded Unsaddl and their exceptional contributions:

Steve Troy - CEO and Co-Founder: Pioneering Financial Expert

At the helm of Unsaddl stands Steve Troy, a seasoned entrepreneur and financial wizard. Before embarking on the journey to redefine employee benefits, Steve honed his skills as a Financial Analyst at Education Loan Finance ("ELFI"), a prominent name in the financial services sector. During his tenure at ELFI, he spearheaded the launch of groundbreaking student loan products, with an awe-inspiring track record of facilitating over $1 billion in originations. This staggering achievement catapulted him into the spotlight as a visionary force in the realm of financial services.

Educated at the prestigious Princeton University, Steve holds an AB in Economics, backed by a certificate in Finance. His academic prowess, coupled with his hands-on experience, has equipped him with unparalleled expertise in navigating the intricacies of the financial landscape. Armed with a profound understanding of economic principles, Steve is committed to empowering individuals and corporations alike through Unsaddl's innovative offerings.

Chris Hsu - CTO and Co-Founder: The Technological Virtuoso

While Steve Troy leads the financial domain, Unsaddl's technological prowess is the brainchild of none other than Chris Hsu, the brilliant Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder. Chris has forged his path as a tech visionary, leaving an indelible mark in the digital realm. Prior to co-founding Unsaddl, Chris served as a Senior Software Engineer at the iconic Squarespace, a platform renowned for empowering millions of individuals and businesses with stunning websites.

During his tenure at Squarespace, Chris played a pivotal role in architecting and developing platforms that revolutionized customer communications and interactive media. His tech acumen and innovative solutions have been instrumental in transforming how businesses connect with their audiences. Armed with a BSE in Computer Science from Princeton University, Chris brings both technical expertise and an insatiable curiosity to Unsaddl.

Together, Steve Troy and Chris Hsu form an unstoppable force that marries financial astuteness with cutting-edge technology. Their shared vision to create a platform that addresses the evolving needs of the modern workforce drives the growth and success of Unsaddl.

The Vision Behind Unsaddl: Empowering the Modern Workforce

The birth of Unsaddl was not a coincidence but a result of a shared passion to empower the modern workforce. Steve and Chris observed a seismic shift in the expectations and needs of employees, which were often unmet by traditional employee benefits packages. The duo recognized that employees today seek more than just a paycheck; they yearn for holistic financial support and professional growth opportunities.

Unsaddl's vision embodies this profound understanding of the workforce's needs. By providing employers with an all-in-one 401(k) plan featuring 0% AUM fees and student loan matching, complemented by a suite of education benefits like student loan contributions, refinancing, and tuition reimbursement, Unsaddl strives to alleviate financial burdens and catalyze the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

Beyond their individual brilliance, what sets Steve and Chris apart is their harmonious collaboration and commitment to fostering innovation. Their diverse backgrounds, one steeped in finance and the other immersed in technology, create the perfect blend for creative problem-solving. Their complementary skill sets have facilitated a synergy that has fueled Unsaddl's rapid growth and success.

This spirit of collaboration extends beyond the founders to the entire Unsaddl team. Cultivating a work environment where diverse perspectives are not only encouraged but celebrated, the team at Unsaddl thrives on the spirit of innovation. This collaborative approach allows Unsaddl to remain agile, adapt to changing market dynamics, and continue delivering exceptional value to employers and employees alike.

The Unsaddl Legacy: A Future-Forward Path

As Unsaddl continues to shape the landscape of employee benefits, Steve Troy and Chris Hsu remain steadfast in their commitment to transformative solutions. The founders' unwavering vision extends beyond short-term gains, driving them to continuously push boundaries and explore new frontiers. Whether it's introducing groundbreaking features to the 401(k) plan or expanding the suite of education benefits, Unsaddl's trajectory is characterized by a forward-thinking approach.

Steve and Chris's dedication to empowering the modern workforce shines through in every facet of Unsaddl's operations. As the startup grows, their legacy will be defined by their unwavering commitment to financial empowerment, technological innovation, and the belief that better employee benefits are not just a dream but a tangible reality for organizations of all sizes.

In conclusion, Unsaddl's founders, Steve Troy and Chris Hsu, exemplify the true spirit of innovation and collaboration. Their unique blend of financial expertise and technological brilliance has paved the way for Unsaddl to become a trailblazing force in the realm of employee benefits. With a profound vision to empower the modern workforce, the dynamic duo continues to shape the future of employee benefits, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and transforming the lives of countless employees along the way.

The Unsaddl Company Launches

Unsaddl has made significant strides in reshaping employee benefits, offering a range of services that cater to the diverse needs of modern workers.

Unsaddl - The Most Affordable All-in-One 401(k)

The flagship product from Unsaddl is an all-in-one 401(k) plan that stands out for its affordability and student loan matching feature.

What is Unsaddl?

Unsaddl is a trailblazing platform that empowers employers to offer a comprehensive suite of education benefits, including student loan contributions, student loan refinancing, and tuition reimbursement. However, their latest and most exciting offering is a full-service 401(k) plan with 0% AUM fees and student loan matching.

Why Choose Unsaddl 401(k)?

Unsaddl's 401(k) plan is a game-changer in the realm of employee benefits, and here's why:

0% AUM Fee

Unlike many traditional 401(k) providers that charge significant asset under management (AUM) fees, Unsaddl takes pride in offering a 0% AUM fee structure. This empowers employees to maximize their retirement savings, ensuring they keep more of their hard-earned money.

Student Loan Matching

Unsaddl has pioneered a unique feature that sets them apart from other recordkeepers - 401(k) matching for student loan payments. This innovative approach acknowledges the burden of student loan debt and incentivizes employees to participate in retirement plans even while repaying their loans.

Automated Compliance

Staying compliant with complex retirement plan regulations can be a daunting task for employers. Unsaddl takes care of this challenge by automating non-discrimination testing and government filings, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for both employers and employees.

Payroll Integrations

Unsaddl's platform seamlessly integrates with popular payroll services such as Gusto, Workday, ADP, and more, streamlining employee roster syncing and automating 401(k) deductions. This level of automation enhances user experience and simplifies administrative processes.

Low-Cost Mutual Funds

Unsaddl offers a range of low-cost mutual funds spanning various asset classes, providing employees with diversified and affordable investment options for their retirement savings.

Complimentary Access to Education Benefits

As if the 401(k) plan wasn't enticing enough, Unsaddl sweetens the deal by providing complimentary access to their suite of education benefits for the first six months. This approach recognizes the importance of lifelong learning and financial empowerment.

Why Now is the Perfect Time for Unsaddl 401(k)?

Several factors have converged to make Unsaddl's all-in-one 401(k) an essential offering for employers:

Secure Act 2.0

The passage of Secure Act 2.0 has provided new opportunities for employers to enhance their retirement plans. Among its provisions is the ability for employers to make a 401(k) match based on employees' student loan payments. Unsaddl is at the forefront of capitalizing on this provision, making it easier for employers to provide valuable benefits to their workforce.

State Mandated Retirement Plans

Many states are taking a proactive stance to address the retirement savings crisis by implementing state-mandated retirement plans. These plans may impact even small businesses and startups, making Unsaddl's 401(k) offering all the more appealing for employers seeking compliant solutions.

Recruitment and Retention

In today's highly competitive job market, employee benefits play a critical role in attracting and retaining top talent. A robust and well-structured retirement plan is no longer a perk but a necessity for recruiting the best professionals and fostering long-term loyalty.


Unsaddl is a startup that has recognized the changing landscape of employee benefits and seized the opportunity to provide innovative solutions. By offering an all-in-one 401(k) plan with 0% AUM fees and student loan matching, alongside a suite of education benefits, Unsaddl is empowering employers to meet the diverse needs of their workforce. As we move into the future, the importance of financial empowerment and lifelong learning will only grow, making Unsaddl's vision all the more relevant and vital for the modern workforce.