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Revolutionizing Document Creation for Product Managers: Introducing Watto AI

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology and innovation, the demands placed on product managers continue to grow. With the ever-expanding array of responsibilities, product managers often find themselves spending a significant portion of their time writing various forms of content for different audiences. This process is not only time-consuming but also error-prone, leaving little room for crucial tasks like strategic planning and market research. In 2023, a trio of visionary entrepreneurs set out to change this landscape by founding Watto AI, a startup that automates document creation for product managers using cutting-edge technology and domain knowledge. This article delves into the inception, vision, and features of Watto AI, exploring how it empowers product managers to focus on what truly matters - the product and its users.

Founders' Vision

Who Are the Visionaries Behind Watto AI?

Watto AI was founded in 2023 by three enterprising individuals who share a decade-long history of collaboration on multiple projects, including a startup in India. The trio comprises:

Ishita Bhandari: A serial entrepreneur and UW alum with over 7 years of software development experience. Ishita's expertise lies in enhancing mobile apps and user experiences, which she honed during her tenure at prominent companies like StubHub and DoorDash. Beyond her tech prowess, Ishita is deeply passionate about music.

Rishabh Panwar: The CEO and Founder of Watto AI, Rishabh is an ex-CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) graduate with a flair for entrepreneurship and exploration.

Suryansh Soni: The third member of the team, Suryansh brings a unique set of skills and experiences to Watto AI.

Introducing Watto AI

How Does Watto AI Help Product Managers?

At its core, Watto AI aims to revolutionize document creation for product managers. By leveraging the power of AI and domain knowledge, Watto AI offers a comprehensive set of features that streamline the process of creating essential documents, saving product managers an average of 10 hours per week. But how exactly does Watto AI accomplish this feat?

Context-Aware Document Generation: The Magic of Watto AI

With Watto AI, product managers can now effortlessly link multiple business reports, market research, user interviews, and other critical data sources to create comprehensive documents like Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) and Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies. The platform's intelligent algorithms ensure that the resulting documents are context-aware, capturing the nuances of the data and insights provided. This feature eliminates the tedious manual compilation of data and enables product managers to generate valuable documents in mere seconds.

Identifying the Problem

Why Do Product Managers Struggle with Document Creation?

Before the inception of Watto AI, product managers faced significant challenges when it came to document creation. The founders of Watto AI, with their diverse experiences in various tech companies, recognized the pain points that product managers encounter on a regular basis.

The Time-Consuming Dilemma

Product managers often spent an astonishing 40% of their time writing and preparing content for different audiences. This included crafting slides, documents, emails, and messages for stakeholders, development teams, marketing teams, and more. Such a substantial time investment in content creation detracts from other critical tasks, hindering the overall productivity and efficiency of product managers.

Gathering and Organizing Data

Compiling and organizing critical data from hundreds of sources posed a significant challenge for product managers. The process of manually collecting information from platforms like Google Suite, Notion, Confluence, Salesforce, Figma, and more was overwhelming, prone to errors, and incredibly time-consuming.

The Birth of Watto AI

How Watto AI Addresses the Challenges

Watto AI emerged as the light at the end of the tunnel for product managers, offering an all-in-one solution that addresses the aforementioned challenges head-on.

Seamless Integrations for Enhanced Efficiency

Watto AI supports over 20 integrations with popular platforms like Google Suite, Notion, Confluence, Salesforce, and Figma. This seamless integration empowers product managers to import critical domain knowledge from various sources with ease, streamlining the process of gathering data and insights.

AI Co-Pilot: Your Personal Document Assistant

One of the standout features of Watto AI is the AI Co-Pilot, an inline assistant that provides valuable support throughout the document creation process. The AI Co-Pilot can rephrase content, summarize lengthy passages, extract action items, and perform various other tasks to enhance the quality and readability of the documents. This intelligent feature saves product managers from writer's block and ensures that the generated content meets the highest standards.

Templates for Popular Use Cases

Watto AI offers a repository of pre-existing templates for popular use cases, including PRDs, GTM strategies, launch communications, and more. These templates serve as starting points for product managers, allowing them to tailor the content according to their specific requirements. The availability of templates further expedites the document creation process and ensures consistency across various documents.

The Future of Watto AI

What's Next for Watto AI?

Watto AI has achieved significant milestones in its journey to transform document creation for product managers, but the team behind this innovative startup has no plans to rest on their laurels. The founders have exciting plans for the future of Watto AI, aimed at further empowering product managers and enhancing their overall efficiency.

Expanding the Integrations

The roadmap for Watto AI includes expanding the roster of integrations to encompass even more popular platforms. Product managers can look forward to the integration of platforms like Jira, allowing for the automated creation of Jira tickets directly from PRDs. This integration will bridge the gap between document creation and project execution, facilitating a seamless workflow for product managers.

Automated Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency

In the works are automated workflows that will enable product managers to automate tasks like launching emails directly from PRDs. These automated workflows will streamline the process of disseminating important information to stakeholders, saving precious time and effort for product managers.


In a world where time is a precious commodity, Watto AI emerges as a game-changer for product managers, revolutionizing the way documents are created and empowering product managers to focus on building exceptional products and delivering unparalleled user experiences. With a team of visionary founders and a host of cutting-edge features, Watto AI is poised to become an indispensable tool for product managers worldwide. As the startup continues to expand its offerings and capabilities, the future looks promising for Watto AI, heralding a new era of productivity and efficiency in the realm of product management.