Yoneda Labs - Foundation Model for Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing Transformed: Yoneda Labs' Innovative Approach to Reaction Parameters

What is Yoneda Labs?

Yoneda Labs is an innovative start-up founded in 2023 that seeks to revolutionize the chemical manufacturing industry through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company's primary focus is to develop software that aids chemists in optimizing chemical reactions. This optimization involves determining the best reaction parameters such as temperature, concentration, and catalyst, which are critical for the efficient and effective creation of drugs and materials. By leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, Yoneda Labs aims to streamline the process of chemical synthesis, making it faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.

Who are the Founders of Yoneda Labs?

Yoneda Labs was established by three highly skilled and experienced individuals who graduated from the University of Cambridge: Michał Mgeładze-Arciuch, Jan Oboril, and Daniel Vlasits. Each founder brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the team, contributing to the company's innovative approach to chemical reaction optimization.

Michał Mgeładze-Arciuch serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Yoneda Labs. He has a strong background in Computer Science, having studied the subject at the University of Cambridge. Michał's extensive experience in software engineering and artificial intelligence includes positions at prestigious institutions such as Jane Street and Berkeley AI Research. His expertise in AI and software development is instrumental in driving Yoneda Labs' technological advancements.

Jan Oboril, the Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, has a rich background in Chemistry and Biology. He also studied at the University of Cambridge and has worked at Bayer and various research institutes in Czechia and Austria. Jan's significant experience in designing machine learning models for solving complex problems in Chemistry and Biology is a key asset for Yoneda Labs. Notably, he designed and sold a model for cell segmentation and achieved high ranks in the International Chemistry Olympiad.

Daniel Vlasits, the Co-Founder and CTO, studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. He has a robust software engineering background, having worked at companies like Cisco and Optiver and conducted research in programming languages at the University of Cambridge. Daniel's accomplishments include winning first place at the international robotics competition Pi Wars and ranking fifth in his Computer Science cohort at Cambridge. His technical prowess is critical in developing and refining Yoneda Labs' software solutions.

What Problem is Yoneda Labs Addressing?

The chemical manufacturing industry faces a significant challenge: over 10 million different compounds are created each year, and chemists must determine how to synthesize them. Traditionally, chemists rely on literature data to guide their experiments. However, this data often lacks precise recipes and can be misreported or irreproducible in the lab. Consequently, chemists frequently have to rely on their intuition, which can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities for creating potentially life-saving drugs. The trial-and-error nature of determining optimal reaction conditions is time-consuming and resource-intensive, hindering the speed and cost-effectiveness of chemical manufacturing.

How Does Yoneda Labs Provide a Solution?

Yoneda Labs addresses this problem by developing a foundation model for chemical reactions. The company generates its own dataset of chemical experiments, which is then used to train a powerful machine learning model capable of defining optimal conditions for any organic reaction. By carefully selecting and conducting experiments, Yoneda Labs ensures that their model is robust and accurate. The goal is to cover three of the most popular reactions in organic chemistry with just 20,000 data points, significantly reducing the need for extensive trial-and-error experimentation.

How Does Yoneda Labs' Technology Work?

Yoneda Labs has created an innovative application that learns from chemists' experimental data as they run their reactions in the lab. This app helps chemists find the optimal conditions for their reactions in days, rather than the weeks or months it traditionally takes. The app can run fully offline from the chemist's PC, ensuring data sensitivity and security. Moreover, it is designed to be user-friendly, allowing chemists to employ advanced statistics and machine learning in their labs with just a few clicks. The custom algorithms developed by Yoneda Labs enable the app to provide real-time recommendations, streamlining the optimization process and enhancing productivity in the lab.

What Makes Yoneda Labs Stand Out?

Yoneda Labs stands out due to its combination of expertise in Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Chemistry. The founders' diverse backgrounds and experiences have allowed them to create state-of-the-art models for reaction optimization. Additionally, their collaboration with Prof. Scott E. Denmark, a leader in the field, further strengthens their approach and credibility. The unique blend of academic knowledge, industry experience, and cutting-edge technology positions Yoneda Labs as a leader in the field of chemical reaction optimization.

How Does Yoneda Labs Benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry?

By enabling chemists to quickly and accurately determine optimal reaction conditions, Yoneda Labs helps pharmaceutical companies test more drugs efficiently. This increased efficiency not only accelerates the drug development process but also makes manufacturing cheaper and more environmentally friendly. The ability to find better optima means that fewer resources are wasted, and more effective drugs can be brought to market faster. The reduction in time and cost associated with drug development has the potential to save lives and improve healthcare outcomes globally.

What Experience Do the Founders Bring to Yoneda Labs?

The founders of Yoneda Labs bring a wealth of experience and accolades to the company. Michał Mgeładze-Arciuch has worked at top-tier institutions like Jane Street and Berkeley AI Research, where he honed his skills in artificial intelligence and software development. Jan Oboril has significant research experience and has designed and sold machine learning models for chemistry applications. His achievements in the International Chemistry Olympiad demonstrate his deep understanding of chemical processes. Daniel Vlasits has a strong software engineering background and has achieved notable successes in robotics competitions and academic rankings, showcasing his technical expertise and problem-solving abilities.

How is Yoneda Labs Generating Its Dataset?

Yoneda Labs is meticulously generating its dataset by performing feasibility studies on smaller datasets. Their goal is to create a comprehensive dataset that can train their model to cover the most popular organic reactions. By carefully selecting and conducting experiments, they ensure that their model is robust and capable of providing accurate recommendations for a wide range of chemical reactions. The dataset is continuously updated and refined to improve the model's performance and expand its applicability.

What is the Future Vision for Yoneda Labs?

Yoneda Labs envisions a future where their technology becomes an integral part of chemical manufacturing processes worldwide. They aim to continue refining their models and expanding their dataset to cover more types of reactions. By making advanced machine learning tools accessible to chemists, they hope to drive innovation in the industry and contribute to the development of new and improved drugs and materials. The company's long-term vision includes collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to further enhance their technology and broaden its impact.

How Can Chemists Benefit from Yoneda Labs' Solutions?

Chemists using Yoneda Labs' solutions can significantly reduce the time and effort required to optimize reaction conditions. The app's ability to learn from experimental data and provide recommendations in real-time means that chemists can focus more on their research and less on trial-and-error experimentation. This not only enhances productivity but also leads to more reliable and reproducible results, ultimately advancing the field of chemistry. By simplifying the optimization process, Yoneda Labs empowers chemists to achieve better outcomes and make groundbreaking discoveries.

What is Yoneda Labs' Impact on Environmental Sustainability?

Yoneda Labs' technology not only improves the efficiency of chemical manufacturing but also has a positive impact on environmental sustainability. By optimizing reaction conditions, the company helps reduce the waste of resources and minimizes the environmental footprint of chemical processes. The ability to find better optima means that less energy and fewer raw materials are required, leading to more sustainable manufacturing practices. This aligns with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability in the chemical industry.

How Does Yoneda Labs Plan to Scale its Operations?

Yoneda Labs plans to scale its operations by expanding its team and forging strategic partnerships with leading companies and research institutions. The founders recognize the importance of continuous innovation and are committed to investing in research and development to further enhance their technology. Additionally, they aim to increase their presence in key markets and collaborate with industry leaders to drive adoption of their solutions. By building a robust ecosystem of partners and stakeholders, Yoneda Labs seeks to achieve widespread impact and establish itself as a leader in chemical reaction optimization.

What Challenges Does Yoneda Labs Face?

Like any innovative start-up, Yoneda Labs faces several challenges as it seeks to disrupt the chemical manufacturing industry. One of the primary challenges is ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their models, which requires continuous refinement and validation. Additionally, they must navigate the complexities of data sensitivity and security, ensuring that their solutions comply with industry standards and regulations. The company also needs to build a strong market presence and convince potential customers of the value of their technology. Despite these challenges, Yoneda Labs' strong foundation and visionary approach position them well for success.

How Can Investors Support Yoneda Labs' Growth?

Investors can support Yoneda Labs' growth by providing the necessary funding and resources to help the company scale its operations. Investment in research and development is critical for continuous innovation and improvement of their technology. Additionally, investors can leverage their networks and industry connections to facilitate strategic partnerships and market expansion. By backing Yoneda Labs, investors have the opportunity to support a groundbreaking company that is poised to transform the chemical manufacturing industry and make a significant impact on global health and sustainability.


Yoneda Labs is at the forefront of a technological revolution in chemical manufacturing. By combining expertise in Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Chemistry, the company has developed a powerful solution for optimizing chemical reactions. Their innovative approach addresses a significant challenge in the industry, making the process of chemical synthesis faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. With a strong team of founders, a robust technological foundation, and a clear vision for the future, Yoneda Labs is well-positioned to drive innovation and make a lasting impact on the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.