Archive - DevOps/Site reliability Engineer

Archive - DevOps/Site reliability Engineer

We are looking for a DevOps/Site reliability Engineer for a company from Germany.


Project and Team Description
B2B Sales software in the construction industry to support customers placing their products and services in upcoming construction projects. We detect and find information on construction projects globally and support our users with process management of their early proactive sales activities.

Product consists of a data pipeline processing text documents to identify and extract information on construction projects and a web application for users to interact with this data and perform proactive sales.

Our team consists of 6 engineers (most seniors on backend/frontend), 2 product managers, and a designer. We work remotely with async and synchronous processes following a shape up methodology (2 weeks product development, 1 week planning and technical work) based on SCRUM with close to "no estimates" style.

Job Description:


Maintenance of cloud infrastructure (e.g. upgrade resources, improvements to our development environments, migrating services to Kubernetes)
Support product development (e.g. change deployment configuration, support with deployments, add new service, cronjob, create secrets, etc)
Monitoring/logging and acting on alerts
Support with hiring and onboarding of a platform engineer

Ability to work independently
Great communicator
Experience developing deployment pipelines and managing cloud services
Experience with Azure Cloud is a plus

Tech Stack:
Azure DevOps (CI/CD), Kubernetes, docker, Kustomize, Terraform, ArgoCD
Storage: Postgres, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka
Monitoring: InfluxDB, Chronograf, Kapacitor, Telegraf, Sentry, Jaeger

We will be glad to receive your СV by email or Telegram @apershikova.

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