Archive - Machine Learning developer for AI Platform

Archive - Machine Learning developer for AI Platform

Our partner an innovative European company looking Machine Learning developer (middle or senior) . Product company, direct engagement with the customer team.

Project: Intelligent Automation Platform. Full suite of AI-augmented personal assistants, chatbots, analytics, and complex workflows.

Daily Mission: Recognize the state-of-the-art of deep learning models to be used to solve a given problem.Train models using custom datasets.Understand and explain the results of ML experiments. Use trained models in production environments.

Skills: Deep Learning Algorithms; NLP/NLU; Computer Vision; Transformers.

3+ years of software development.

PLUS: ML Ops; Triton Inference Server.

Libs and Frameworks: Hugging Face; Facebook Detectron; OpenMMLab; Pytorch; Tensorflow.

Work format: full remote or Kyiv office, EU timezone, a team from Italy, business trips expected.

18 working days of paid vacation and paid sick leave.

We will be glad to receive your СV by email or Telegram @apershikova.

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