Archive - Site Reliability Engineer

Archive - Site Reliability Engineer

We are looking for a Site reliability Engineer for a company from Netherlands.

The Role

As part of our expansion plan, we are looking to hire a Site Reliability Engineer to work on delivering our product offering in Europe.


Monitor and support Staging and Production servers.
Improve Developer Tooling and manage our Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines for automating quality testing.
Manage and maintain AWS EC2, Aurora, VPC, S3, ALB, etc.
Manage and maintain Mongdb + redis clusters.
Manage and maintain open source tools such as open vpn, jump server, nexus, etc.
Manage releases using tools such as Jenkins
Implement tooling to monitor key metrics and generate alerts.
Daily maintenance and management of databases in production, such as SQL execution, database deployment and database upgrades, etc.
Access control of databases and internal tools.
Designing and evaluating database structure according to project needs.
Database backups, inspection, optimization and log analysis.
Collaborate with Dev, QA, and Product teams, jump in to support and improve development and release cycle
Develop tools and bots to improve and automate internal processes
Collaborate with distributed teams operating across numerous timezones


3+ years experience working in a SRE, DevOps or equivalent experience as a Backend Developer working with Infrastructure
2-3 years experience working as a DBA, knowledge of the following databases: MySQL, mongodb, redis.
Well-versed in scripting languages, building and administration of Linux
Experience with Cloud infrastructure, ability to optimize service architecture and reduce cost.
Extensive experience with monitoring tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, and ELK.
Ability to configure and maintain different types of proxy services such as Nginx.
Proficient in Git source version-control.
Experience configuring Continuous Integration (CI)
Ability to thrive while working independently and remotely in a team-based environment
Self-starter, ability to context-switch between various projects, codebases and concepts
Ability to independently debug problems involving the network and operating system
Interest in security and a thoughtful and thorough consideration of the security implications of development decisions

Please share your CV by Email, Telegram @apershikova

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