ALT TEX: Fabric made from food waste

Revolutionizing Fashion Sustainability: ALT TEX and the Power of Biodegradable Fabrics

In a world grappling with environmental concerns and the ever-growing fashion industry, ALT TEX emerges as a beacon of innovation. This Toronto-based startup, founded in 2020, is rewriting the narrative of fashion sustainability by introducing biodegradable and carbon-neutral textiles crafted from an unlikely source: food waste. But who are the visionaries behind ALT TEX, and what motivates them to transform the $2.5 trillion fashion industry? Let's delve into their journey, the groundbreaking technology they employ, and the profound impact their fabric could have on the planet.

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Meet the Visionaries: Myra Arshad and Avneet Ghotra

Myra Arshad: Co-founder and CEO of ALT TEX

With a rich family history in textile manufacturing and a background in corporate sales and marketing at Fortune 500 companies, Myra set out to disrupt the fashion industry with sustainable materials. Before ALT TEX, she founded fluidic, a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand. Myra's entrepreneurial spirit also led her to create FarmBox, an AI micro-farming technology backed by the Hult Prize, aimed at promoting food sustainability in refugee camps.

Avneet Ghotra: Co-founder and CTO of ALT TEX

Avneet's journey took an unconventional turn when he left medical school to embark on the mission of building ALT TEX. Armed with a background in biochemistry and environmental science, he spearheads the research and development behind ALT TEX's food waste to fabric mission. Prior to his involvement with ALT TEX, Avneet founded Approaching Zero, a non-profit dedicated to reducing plastic pollution by producing reusable cotton produce bags. His commitment to environmental causes has now found a global platform in tackling fashion's polyester pollution.

The story of ALT TEX begins with the convergence of these two individuals, who have been working together since their 9th-grade school projects. With Myra's expertise in corporate sales and her family's deep roots in textiles, coupled with Avneet's knowledge of environmental science and biochemistry, the dynamic duo forged a partnership in 2020 that would change the face of sustainable fashion forever.

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ALT TEX's Vision: Transforming Food Waste into Fashionable Fabrics

What is ALT TEX's Mission?

ALT TEX is on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry by crafting textiles from an unexpected source: food waste. This biodegradable and carbon-neutral fabric holds the promise of being a game-changer in the world of fashion, and it all starts with addressing a critical problem.

The Problem: Polyester Pollution in Fashion

Polyester, a petroleum-derived textile, is a leading contributor to the fashion industry's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This plastic-based material, which constitutes a staggering 60% of the clothing we wear, generates over 50 million tons of global landfill waste annually, contributes to 35% of all ocean micro-plastics, and consumes a staggering 70 million barrels of oil each year. It's a dire problem that demands innovative solutions.

The Solution: Fabric from Food Waste

ALT TEX's groundbreaking solution lies in its ability to transform food waste, the world's largest waste source, into fashion-forward fabrics. The company employs patent-pending fermentation technology that seamlessly integrates into the existing polyester supply chain. This process provides fashion brands with a sustainable, cradle-to-cradle alternative to polyester, all without compromising on performance.

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The Impact of ALT TEX: Bridging the Gap

How Does ALT TEX Make a Difference?

ALT TEX's innovation ripples through the fashion industry, impacting fashion brands, consumers, and, perhaps most importantly, the environment. Here's how:

For Fashion Brands: ALT TEX provides a lifeline for fashion brands looking to align with sustainability mandates. By offering an accessible and sustainable alternative to polyester, ALT TEX enables these brands to differentiate themselves in a market where sustainable fashion is growing at an impressive 11% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). It allows them to meet their sustainability targets without overhauling their current supply chain.

For Consumers: Sustainability often comes at a price, making eco-friendly fashion less accessible to the masses. ALT TEX seeks to change that narrative by projecting their fabric to be half the price of other specialized sustainable alternatives. This affordability opens the door for a wider audience to embrace sustainable fashion, contributing to a more eco-conscious world.

For the Environment: The environmental impact of ALT TEX cannot be overstated. A single shirt produced with ALT TEX fabric has the potential to divert 1 kilogram of food waste from landfills, remove 9 kilograms of carbon emissions from the air, and eliminate 4 grams of micro-plastics from waterways. These numbers translate into tangible steps toward a cleaner and healthier planet.

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ALT TEX's Journey So Far: Achievements and Aspirations

How Far Has ALT TEX Come?

Myra and Avneet's dedication and hard work have propelled ALT TEX to remarkable heights in a relatively short period. Here's a glimpse of their journey:

The Early Stages: ALT TEX started as a bold vision in 2020. Myra and Avneet, leveraging their combined experience in serial entrepreneurship, corporate sales, textile manufacturing, and biochemistry, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry.

Fabric Prototype: Today, ALT TEX boasts its first fabric prototype, a textile that is an astonishing 70% stronger than cotton. This achievement underscores the potential of their technology to disrupt the fashion landscape.

Securing Commitments: ALT TEX has secured $1 million in Letters of Intent (LOIs) from partners and stakeholders, a testament to the industry's recognition of their groundbreaking solution.

Funding Success: Financial backing has been pivotal to ALT TEX's progress. To date, they have raised an impressive $2.3 million USD in funding, fueling their journey towards a more sustainable fashion future.

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Conclusion: ALT TEX and the Path to Sustainable Fashion

The journey of ALT TEX is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and a shared vision for a more sustainable future in fashion. With their fabric made from food waste, they are not just addressing the pressing issue of polyester pollution; they are redefining the boundaries of what's possible in the fashion industry.

In a world where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, ALT TEX stands as a beacon of hope. Their mission to reduce the fashion industry's dependence on fossil fuels, eliminate waste, and offer consumers affordable eco-friendly alternatives is a step in the right direction. As they continue to grow and refine their technology, ALT TEX paves the way for a fashion industry that is not only stylish but also environmentally conscious. Myra Arshad and Avneet Ghotra have created a legacy that transcends fashion; they have created a legacy of positive change for our planet.