Inri - Wealthfront for Indian expats

Unlocking Investment Opportunities for Indian Expats: Meet Inri

Are you an Indian expat living abroad and longing to invest in the booming Indian economy? Have you been deterred by the complexities and hurdles associated with investing in India from overseas? If so, you're not alone. Many Indian expats face similar challenges when it comes to managing their finances back home. But fear not, because Inri is here to revolutionize the way Indian expats invest in India. In this article, we'll dive deep into Inri, a startup that aims to be the Wealthfront for India's 32 million expats living abroad. We'll explore its founders, the problems it aims to solve, and the innovative solutions it offers to make investing in India a seamless experience.

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Who Are the Visionaries Behind Inri?

Inri, founded in 2023 and headquartered in Mountain View, was co-founded by Hemant Kumar Gangolia and Nishad Shah.

Before we take a deeper dive into the essence of Inri's groundbreaking services, let's acquaint ourselves with the brilliant minds propelling this forward-thinking startup:

Hemant Kumar Gangolia: The Visionary

Hemant Kumar Gangolia, one of the co-founders of Inri, is on a mission to build the "Wealthfront for India's 32M global expats." Hemant's personal experiences as an Indian expat have provided him with firsthand insights into the challenges of investing in India. His impressive track record includes building large-scale systems at Meta, Walmart, and consulting with C-Suite executives during his tenure at McKinsey & Company.

Nishad Shah: The Growth Guru

Nishad Shah, the other half of the dynamic duo behind Inri, boasts a remarkable background in growing businesses. He achieved the incredible feat of growing audio chatrooms in ShareChat from zero to a staggering $15 million in annual recurring revenue within just one year. Nishad has also held significant positions, including leading the Commerce team at ShareChat and serving as the first strategy hire at Udaan. His consulting expertise with top private banks as part of BCG has honed his strategic acumen. Nishad's passion for solving the investment challenges faced by Indian expats stems from witnessing the struggles of friends and family living abroad.

Both Hemant and Nishad are alumni of prestigious institutions, with degrees from IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad. With a decade of combined experience working at McKinsey, BCG, Meta, Walmart, and HSBC, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Now that we've met the brilliant minds behind Inri let's explore the startup's mission and how it plans to revolutionize investing for Indian expats.

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Can Inri Be the Wealthfront for Indian Expats?

The Company Launch: Inri - Wealthfront for Indian Expats

Investment Platform for Indian Expats to Diversify Capital in India

India's emergence as one of the world's fastest-growing major economies presents a golden opportunity for Indian expats to invest in their home country. However, the path to investment is fraught with obstacles, including operational hurdles, complex tax regulations, and repatriation challenges. This is where Inri steps in as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive investment platform designed specifically for Indian expats.

Solving the Investment Puzzle

Why Is Investing in India from Abroad So Challenging?

Investing in India from abroad has long been a struggle for Indian expats. Here are some of the key pain points that Inri aims to address:

Lack of Awareness

Indian expats often find themselves overwhelmed by the multitude of investment options available in India. They grapple with questions like where to start, what to choose, and how to personalize their investments to align with their financial goals.

High Complexity

Navigating the Indian taxation and repatriation landscape requires a deep understanding of complex regulations. This challenge becomes even more daunting when you're thousands of miles away from India.

Physical Paperwork

In the digital age, many investment processes in India still demand physical paperwork and in-person presence, making it nearly impossible for expats to invest hassle-free.


Existing India-based funds listed abroad often fail to track the Indian market effectively, resulting in underperformance of up to 15% over a span of five years.

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The Inri Solution: Simplifying Investment for Indian Expats

Inri has identified these pain points and crafted a simple yet powerful solution that empowers Indian expats to invest in India with confidence and ease. Here's how Inri is changing the game:

Personalized Investment Baskets

Inri offers personalized investment baskets curated from a selection of over 8,000 mutual funds. These baskets are tailored to match your risk preferences, ensuring that your investments align with your financial goals.

Hassle-Free Taxation and Repatriation Support

Tackling tax-related challenges is a breeze with Inri. The platform provides complimentary taxation and repatriation support, allowing you to complete your tax obligations in both India and your host country in less than a day.

Streamlined Onboarding

Inri has partnered with leading banks to streamline the onboarding process, ensuring that your accounts are opened faster than ever before.

Educational Resources

To enhance awareness about the Indian economy and regulatory processes, Inri offers educational content that equips Indian expats with the knowledge they need to make informed investment decisions.

Inri's Vision: Your One-Stop Platform for Financial Matters in India

Inri doesn't stop at simplifying investments. The startup aspires to become a comprehensive platform that caters to the financial needs of the entire Indian expat community. Whether you're looking to invest, save, or manage your finances in India, Inri envisions itself as your go-to destination for all things money-related.

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Conclusion: Inri - Paving the Way for Seamless Investment

Inri is not just a startup; it's a beacon of hope for Indian expats living abroad who have long yearned for a seamless and hassle-free way to invest in India. With its visionary founders, innovative solutions, and a commitment to simplifying the complexities of financial management, Inri is poised to become the Wealthfront for India's 32 million expats.

As India continues its ascent as a global economic powerhouse, Inri stands ready to empower Indian expats to be a part of this growth story. By addressing the challenges of awareness, complexity, paperwork, and inefficiency, Inri is making investing in India as easy as a few clicks, ensuring that your financial future is in safe hands, no matter where in the world you may be.